Japan University Exchange Program

Evergreen is pleased to offer students of Japanese language and culture the opportunity to study for one year at one of our exchange universities in Japan: Miyazaki University and the Hyogo University. Students study under an Individual Learning Contract and attend classes to supplement their work on an individual project. If students possess high fluency in Japanese language, they may take classes as their primary study at either university.

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Desired Student Profile

In selecting students for participation in the Evergreen/Japanese University Exchange Program with Miyazaki University and Hyogo University, Evergreen seeks applicants who demonstrate certain desirable qualifications and characteristics. Specifically, students should have high levels of academic performance and consistency in interdisciplinary course work. This is especially important due to the stress that study abroad places on student learning. Students are expected to study Japanese for at least two quarters before the program begins. Students must conceive of a feasible and academically sound independent project to be carried out along with attending classes at either institution. In addition, students should demonstrate intellectual curiosity, openness to learning, high degrees of maturity, diplomacy, initiative, and follow-through, as well as an interest in studying Japanese language and culture. These qualifications should be addressed in the faculty evaluations of student achievement, letters of recommendation and personal essay.

History of the Exchange

Evergreen's official exchange relationship with Miyazaki Daigaku (Miyazaki Prefectural University) began in 1987, although unofficial talks began in 1984. Since then Miyazaki has hosted 24 Evergreen students. Miyazaki is located near the southern tip of Kyushu (the southernmost of the big four islands) in rural Japan, close to the beach and far from Tokyo.

The second exchange is with Hyogo University, located close to the middle of Honshu (the big island in the middle of the chain). Kobe is one of the larger cities in Japan, close to Osaka and Kyoto. You may wish to view a map of Japan.