Evergreen’s Brand Names | The Evergreen State College

Evergreen’s Brand Names

When describing, referring to, listing or referencing The Evergreen State College, only the following names are authorized:

  • Allowed The Evergreen State College
  • Allowed Evergreen

Listed below are incorrect names. These names are not authorized or recognized by Evergreen for referring to the college:

  • Banned TESC
  • Banned Evergreen State
  • Banned Evergreen College

The Evergreen State College—Tacoma

For our Tacoma, Washington location, the following names are appropriate:

  • Allowed The Evergreen State College—Tacoma
  • Allowed Evergreen Tacoma

How to Make an Em Dash

  • On a Mac: Type option + shift + hyphen.
  • In Windows: Type alt + 0151.
  • On an iPhone or iPad: Hold down the hyphen key and choose the last, longest dash.

In the first list item, be sure that Tacoma is offset by an em dash (see aside), not one or more hyphens. Also note that spaces should not be placed around the dash:

  • Banned The Evergreen State College--Tacoma
  • Banned The Evergreen State College — Tacoma
  • Banned The Evergreen State College, Tacoma


Evergreen’s customized internal dashboard is always written out in full, and all in lowercase:

Allowed my.evergreen.edu

Do not call it:

  • Banned my.evergreen
  • Banned MyEvergreen
  • Banned My