Evergreen Logos

Learn about and download our logo or read about our official seal. If you run a division here, find out how to get a divisional signature.

The Logo

Our logos are steeped in our history. They have two parts that come together to form the whole.

  • The text layout is inspired by the school’s welcome sign in front of campus. It recreates the sign’s lowercase text and loosely arranged words.
  • The logo mark is based on a back-of-the-napkin drawing by Connie Hubbard, our first graphic artist.

The contrast between the text and the logo mark—thick and thin, rough and smooth, layered and stacked—signifies the interdisciplinary nature of Evergreen’s programs: disparate views uniting to form a new, harmonious perspective.

The following logos are authorized only for use on Evergreen materials. See the usage notes below for more details on rules for using the logos. Use them as given. Do not modify the logos in any way.

  • Allowed The logos can be used with or without the Olympia location underneath.
  • Banned Do not simply add the location to the logos yourself. A distinct version with the location is available.
  • Allowed Use the black or green logos on a white or very light-colored background.
  • Allowed Use the white logos on a dark-colored background.
  • Banned Do not use the green logo on a medium– or dark-colored background.

Stacked Type Version

This is the official logo of The Evergreen State College. Use this logo whenever possible. If vertical space is a constraint, you may use the wide version, below.

Wide Version

We developed this version of the logo for use in areas where vertical space is at a premium.

Official logo of The Evergreen State College—Wide

Allowed You can use this logo in place of the former “Big G” logo.

Get a Signature for Your Division, Office, or Service Center

Sample signature

You may use a signature on materials that specifically need to be tied to your division. This might include envelopes or special events. If you would like a signature for your materials, contact Marketing and Communications.

In most cases, you should use the school’s logo. Not your signature.

Do you think you need a new logo? Come talk to us before creating your own, soliciting work from students, or hiring a third party.

  • Banned Do not design your own divisional or office logo.

  • Banned Do not create your own signature. Get an official version from Marketing and Communications.

  • Banned Divisional programs and events do not get signatures. (You may, however, use your divisional or office signature to indicate that it comes from your division.) We don’t have recommendations for creating identities or logos for programs and events, but you may contact the Marketing and Communications Division if you need our help creating something.

Title Treatments for Divisional Programs or Events

Sometimes divisions will put on programs or events and will want to give them their own unique identity to market them. Signatures are not available for these purposes. The marketing department does not provide specific recommendations for creating your own title treatments except:

  • Allowed When it is essential that the recipient knows that a publication comes from your division, you may include your signature.

  • Allowed If including Evergreen’s logo in the publication, follow the usage notes below.

  • Banned Do not create a title treatment that looks like Evergreen’s logo or one of its signatures.

Evergreen’s Official Seal

Evergreen’s official seal—For official use only

The seal of The Evergreen State College is intended for use in official documents or applications. It can be used by permission only. Contact us for more information.

Usage Notes for all Logos

If you are an official representative of Evergreen and would like a specific version of the logo, consult the graphics team. There are a number of variations prepared to fit your needs; if you don’t already have what you’re looking for, ask the graphics team to see what already exists.

Do not modify the logo in any way without express consent from Evergreen’s Marketing and Communications Division.

Logo spacing guidelines


Do not combine other elements with the logo. If it’s necessary to position the logo close to other elements, allow enough space around the logo. Imagine that the logo’s lowercase e can fit between the logo and the other elements.

What Not to Do

  • Official Evergreen Logo—Wide, missing location

    Banned Do not separate parts of the logo. (This logo has had its location deleted. This logo has a distinct design without the location, so use that version instead.)

  • Official Evergreen Logo—Long, missing brand mark

    Banned Do not separate parts of the logo. (This logo is missing the tree mark.)

  • Official Evergreen Logo, mark only

    Banned Do not separate parts of the logo. (The logo mark does not have enough recognizable context to stand alone.)

  • Unofficial Evergreen Logo

    Banned Do not outline the logo. Use only a solid fill.

  • Unofficial Evergreen Logo

    Banned Do not apply a pattern to the the logo. Use only a solid fill.

  • Unofficial Evergreen Logo

    Banned Do not choose your own color for the logo. Use only the approved colors (see above).

  • Unofficial Evergreen Logo

    Banned Do not spoof the logo. This is the school’s identity, not just another graphic to toy around with. Please respect it.

  • Unofficial Evergreen Logo

    BannedSeriously, do not modify the logo in any way.

  • Old, “Big G” Evergreen logo

    Banned Do not use the Evergreen “Big G” logo. It is out of date.

  • Evergreen favicons

    Banned Do not use the “Little E” logo mark. It is reserved for our favicon only.

  • Evergreen web only logo

    Banned Do not use the long version of the logo. It is reserved for use on the website only.

  • Example of a bad custom signature

    Banned Do not create your own custom signature or logo. Instead, contact Marketing & Communications—who have already done the work for you—to get yours.