Individual Contract and Internship Sponsors

Not all faculty can sponsor individual learning contracts or internships during summer quarter. The final list of faculty available for sponsorship will be posted later this spring.

Contracts for individual learning and internships can be created online by choosing the “Individual Study Contracts” link at

Please note:

  • Contracts are registered for the quarter as a whole, not per session.
  • Contracts must be submitted (including faculty approval and submission of any associated signatures) by the Friday of the first week of the quarter to avoid late registration fees.
  • A contract will not be registered until it has been reviewed and approved by an academic dean or the appropriate graduate program director.
  • All contracts must be submitted online. Non-admitted students may need to contact the Registration and Records office to be given access to

For more information about planning individual and internship learning contracts, call the Academic Advising Office at (360) 867-6312 or visit