Super Saturday

Super Saturday 2008

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Entertainment and Stage Schedule 

June 14, 2008 | 10 am - 6 pm

Entertainment & Stage Schedule (also available in PDF)

Artist Description Stage/Location
10:00 am    
Mukana Marimba African Marimba Band
Main Stage
11:00 am    
Fiddlehead Traditional Celtic Music
Main Stage
Dylan Clifthorne Experimental Rhythm (Evergreen CD) Local Musicians Stage
The Olympia Maitree Group   Leisure Ed. Stage
11:30 am    
Samara Dancers   
  Leisure Ed. Stage
Strange Jerome Roots Rock
Main Stage
Paul Green School of Rock
Rock played by young musical geniuses
Local Musicians Stage 
Johansen’s School of Ballet
  Leisure Ed. Stage
1:00 pm
The Whole Bolivian Army Power Pop Rock
Main Stage
Paul Green School of Rock (continues)    Local Musicians Stage
Tanglefoot Cloggers
  Leisure Ed. Stage
2:00 pm    
Shawna Locey Band
Funk, Pop, Jazz, Rock & Soul
Main Stage
Tom Pell & The Jeff Brooks Quartet Jazz/Blues (Evergreen CD)
Local Musicians Stage
Creative Dance with Jehrin   Leisure Ed. Stage
2:30 pm    
Crow Drummers   Leisure Ed. Stage
3:00 pm    
Adrian Xavier Reggae, Folk, Rock, R&B and More
Main Stage
As the Devil Dances Metal/Funk/Rock
Local Musicians Stage
3:30 pm    
Mas Uda (Middle Eastern Dancers)   Leisure Ed. Stage
4:00 pm    
Handful of Luvin’ Folk/Rock
Main Stage
Alexandra Kaylan Japanese Rock (Evergreen CD)
Local Musicians Stage
4:30 pm    
Criss Cross Circus
  Local Musicians Stage
5:00 pm    
Legend Heart Original Music in the classic rock spirit
Main Stage
Ben Hawkes
Rock/Soul/Blues (Evergreen CD)
Local Musicians Stage