The Office of Sustainability

"The Evergreen State College will be a laboratory for sustainability as demonstrated in our operations, curriculum, and quality of life for employees and students. We will nurture values and practical skills that motivate a lifetime commitment to a sustainable, inter-generationally just way of living on a healthy planet."

The Evergreen State College students, faculty, and staff defined two key sustainability goals in 2005-06, to be both a carbon neutral and zero-waste campus by 2020. These goals were adopted into the college's updated Strategic Plan in 2007, and the campus Master Plan in 2008. Sustainability values permeate all divisions and levels of college operations, and the college coordinates and integrates its decisions and actions with those values in diverse ways.

Historical GHG Emissions Profile

Evergreen's Office of Sustainability was formed on the President's staff in 2008. Office staff includes the Director of Sustainability and student interns selected to assist with specific campus projects.

The Office of Sustainability coordinates and/or supports:

  • Work on the college's carbon neutrality and zero waste goals
  • Sustainability work in college operations and academics
  • Institutional assessments and reporting (such as AASHE STARS)
  • Collaborative community engagement and events

Evergreen's Director of Sustainability chairs the Sustainability Council and advises the Clean Energy Committee.