It's Happening. What now?

Climate Change Research and Action in Washington State.

Take part in an exploration of both regional research on and regional solutions for the impacts of climate change.

  • What are the risks and concerns?
  • Who is taking action?
  • What is being done?

Join us Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Full Program available HERE. Campus map and directions are HERE.

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10:00 am to 2:00 pm - The Longhouse

Panel discussions of:

2:30 pm to 5:00 pm - The Recital Hall, COM Building


Rhys Roth

Rhys Roth, on Sustainable Public Infrastructure

Rhys co-founded Climate Solutions in 1998, and helped it grow into the Northwest’s most important and influential nonprofit group addressing climate change.  In 2013, Rhys was honored as a “Sustainability Trailblazer” by the Sustainable Path Foundation, which said Rhys has “arguably done more than anyone in this region to put the issue of climate change on the radar.”

Late in 2013, Rhys returned to his alma mater, The Evergreen State College, over 20 years after graduating with a Masters of Environmental Studies, to lead the College’s new Center for Sustainable Infrastructure to help bring innovation, new tools, and sustainability excellence to infrastructure planning and investment in the Pacific Northwest.  He authored the Center’s inaugural report, “Infrastructure Crisis, Sustainable Solutions,” in November 2014.


Dr. John Byrne

John Byrne, PhD on Models of Local and Regional Action

Dr. Byrne is the Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP) and Distinguished Professor of Energy and Climate Policy at the University of Delaware. CEEP has been instrumental in pioneering an equity- and sustainability-based strategy for resolving conditions of socioeconomic and environmental inequality. He is also chairman of the board of the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment (FREE), an international organization established to promote a better future based on energy, water and materials conservation, renewable energy use, environmental resilience, and sustainable livelihoods.

Dr. Byrne has contributed to Working Group III of the United Nations-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 1992 and shares the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the Panel’s authors and review editors.


CEEP - Paris Agreement: A Landmark Climate Change Policy Reached

A Polycentric Response to the Climate Change Challenge Relying on Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership. Position paper prepared by CEEP for UNFCCC COP-21, Paris, 2015

Sustainable Energy Utility: Understanding the Basics. Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment, 2013

State of Knowledge Report - Climate Change in Puget Sound. The UW Climate Impacts Group

Washington Ocean Acidification Center. Current research on the impacts of ocean acidification in Washington State marine waters.

Urban Farming at Microsoft 

Pacific Shellfish Institute. Washington shellfish industry research and action.

Infrastructure Crisis, Sustainable Solutions. The Evergreen State College Center for Sustainable Infrastructure

5 Big Goals Research Program: Mapping a Transformative 2040 Infrastructure Vision. The Evergreen State College Center for Sustainable Infrastructure