Tacoma Program


What our students have to say about ...

Graduates of Tacoma

Exposure to Technology

"On a multimedia level I created a short Documentary film. This was a major learning experience. This class I think, was the most expressive class I've taken in a long time. It gave me a chance to do something I had never done before. I feel like I got a great deal of different ways to express myself out of this class."
—Sonya Griffee



"Collaboration, critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis and appreciation for what ever human being, as individual can bring to this world are only a few of the things I take with me from Evergreen. The most remarkable things about Evergreen Tacoma are this campus' leaders-- our faculty. They not only teach, they exemplify our school's values."
—Paul Gerhardt Jr.

"Much of what I have gained as a result of my education here at Evergreen Tacoma I accredit to the instructors more than myself. I know I can succeed at any challenge, it is how well I succeed that empowers me. If it weren't for the fabulous instructors here, I would not be as confident in the continual process of educating myself."
—Brenda Hayes

"Evergreen opened its door to me to reach my goal. It provided me educational support, encouraged me to keep going and the most important it provided me with a special family environment. I thought it would be difficult to find a college where the faculty and staff would care so personally about me and my education, but I found it at Evergreen."
—Maria Silva

"The comforts being in this college with the inspiring group of teachers enable me to put more effort in my studies. There is so much collaboration amongst my fellow students that critical thinking and problem solving seem to come hand in hand."
—Diane Chin


Fellow Students

"The Evergreen Tacoma Campus is like a big warm family, you can feel it as a visceral experience in warmth and love."
—Fang Yang

"We are a diverse group here, a small, diverse group, and that is exactly what makes the Tacoma Evergreen Campus so unique and wonderful."
—Charlotte Compton Larson


Millennium Studies

This year began with an introduction to the long-term goals that were to be achieved by the end of spring. This presented itself in the form of a mountain of information and projects that seemed to be nothing short of impossible. But by spring, we had made the impossible possible and achieved results way beyond our wildest expectations.

In contrast to more traditional programs in which the goals of every class are kept within the realm of its own content; the topic of change was addressed in a multitude of ways. But as with any of life's progressions, before we could first study and create change, we had to bring our varied backgrounds together by learning a common language and point of reference with which to discuss change. Examining the linguistic, philosophical, social, political and cultural aspects of our experiences did this. Courses were offered to lay down a foundation and root us in a historical and social understanding of this phenomenon known as change.

One of the fundamental differences between the Tacoma Program and most other liberal arts colleges is that there is an ongoing connection between the areas of study and the students' personal lives and passions. During winter quarter we focused on how change impacts our personal, occupational, familial and community lives. Through the reading and study of community psychology, macro and micro economics, and environmental science, through the study of research methodology, Internet navigation and information retrieval and analysis, as well as the writing of an autobiography, we gained an understanding on how we were not only personally impacted by global and local changes, but were individually and collectively agents for creating change. This not only empowered us, but gave us the confidence needed to move into spring quarter where we worked collectively to create projects based on social change.

One of the primary goals of the school is to impart the knowledge to its students that through collective collaboration each person has the ability to provoke changes in any area they pursue. By the time Spring had rolled around we were ready to use the insights and skills that we had gained over the past six months. We created a vast array of self-selected community based projects focusing on cultural studies, public heath, mental heath, educational and or community and economic development issues. We used a variety of formats including video, interactive multimedia technology, informational brochures and well-researched and documented position papers and field reports. The basis for these projects was determined by several factors including the student's previous areas of study, acquired expertise and future goals.

Every year students at Evergreen Tacoma work to achieve the skills and understanding necessary to fulfill their goals. In the end we were rewarded not only with a strong historical and theoretical background to our specific areas of study but also with the technical, personal, and communication skills that are vital to working collectively to create real change. We leave liberated with the knowledge, confidence, and ability to transform whatever they put their minds to.

The results of the program were fulfilled graduates who have been accepted in law schools, Master in Social Work, Teaching, Counseling, Public Administration and Whole System Design Program, graduates who have gained employment promotions, new career options, who have become community leaders and who as a result of their tenure at the Tacoma campus have better family, home, community and personal lives. We are GRADUATES WHO CAN FLY wherever our spirits wish to preside.
—Kaia McGill


The Teaching / Their Learning

"School here at Tacoma Campus is really like jumping from the frying pan onto the fire. At a regular school you feel like you are being roasted all the time. Here, you get to help build the fire. That leads to more independent thinking among all of our students."
—Fang Yang

"Their interdisciplinary style of teaching offered me, and I might add for the first time in my life, a chance to be able to discuss what I was learning with other students in a group setting. Whether I needed clarification or some feedback, I was able to get what I needed through seminars."
—Reneé Muñoz

"Upon entering Evergreen I felt that getting a liberal arts education would be nothing more than being a "jack-of-all-trades" and a master of none. But upon leaving, I realize that with the critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and multi-media skills that I have acquired I can master any talk or trade that comes my way. I am not only able to get information, I am also able to gain understanding. I know that the difference between what I am and what I want to be is what I am doing. If I am not where I want to be it must be that I am not doing what I need to do."
—Stella Joshua

"For me, at times, it was almost overwhelming, with its onrush of books, concepts and priorities. Yet, I reveled in the onslaught and fought the inconsistencies to polish a product that will become known as: My Degree. This sheepskin is fraught with all the tribulations and trials I endured, a masterpiece of a marathon I conquered. Don't think I'm exaggerating! Evergreen is a kind of magic box you throw yourself into and what comes out is the baby you conceived and delivered, not an artificial doll given you by others simply to dress up. I cannot express but my amazement at the latitude of rights and opinions given one, themes to master and theses to support. What a roller coaster ride! Thanks, Evergreen, you've been a hardy companion on this part of my life's voyage."
—Fang Yang

"There are many different learning styles and students need to be in an environment that fits their learning style, Evergreen adjusts well to this."
—Julie Elmere

"It is at this school that I have experienced life and gained and understanding of other cultures and their origins through the teachings from great people, professors and students alike."
—Nicolette Kofol

"My experience at this campus has sharpened my direction, increased my abilities, reconciled with my inner child, fostered me with new awareness, and impressed upon me the pertinence of change, and has clarified where I am going in the future."
—Reneé Muñoz

"My experiences at Evergreen's Tacoma Campus have been superlative. My days studying at The Evergreen State College have been an adventure that brought not only my skills in a foreign language but a new respect for people with cultural values different from my own."
—Fang Yang

"The Evergreen State College has taught me, prepared me and inspired me to move quickly down my personal path of goal reaching. I have appreciated the small class size, seminar and the repetition of teaching by staff. Problem solving has been incorporated into every class, just as it also appears in everyone's daily life. I have learned enough to know that I can now proceed to the next level and be successful."
—Sadie Rae

"With meeting new people, new challenges, new experiences and skills; the knowledge I have gained it priceless. I will not forget my experiences at The Evergreen State College"
—Sonya Griffee

"My Evergreen experience drove home the value of reciprocity and giving back to the world in which we live. As I continue my career as a public servant, I will try to share with others my learning experience. Special thanks to the teachers. They mold and build students regardless of their prior knowledge. The teachers realize that growth, like life, is forever and needs nourishment."
—Douglas Cole