The Telecommunications Office provides voice telecommunications services to all faculty and staff at The Evergreen State College.

Click on the links to the left to see details of the various services provided through this office or to see online help about the telephone and voice mail systems.

Checking on-campus open/closed status?
Call 867-6000, then press 1 for an up-to-the-minute announcement regarding status of the campus.

Toll-free dialing pattern:  9-1-8xx-xxx-xxxx
In November the campus switched to a new long distance carrier. This required we change from our old pattern of 8-8xx for toll-free to the pattern above.  If you still receive a fast busy signal when dialing in the new manner, please call Richard Schneider, the campus Telecom Engineer, at x6417 to report the issue.

Voicemail Access

-On campus: x6480
-Off campus: 867-6480

-On campus: x3080
-Off campus: 680-3080

Follow voice prompts to log in.

-Press 2 to play a message
-Press 76 to delete a message
-Press 83 to end voicemail session

See voice mail instructions link for additional commands.

For new users, your default password is:
867nnnn (nnnn=your extension)

The system will require you to change the default password immediately. Trivial passwords (1111, 1234, etc., and your extension) will be refused by the voicemail system, as will any password you have used in the prior 6 months.

Contacting us

  • By Phone:
    Technical: Richard Schneider, ITS IV - Telecommunications   x6417
    Admin and Billing: Sara Shafer, Secretary to the Director of Computing & Communications   x6232
  • Email support: "Telecommunications DL” (via Exchange mail) or Telecommunications