Tribal: Native Pathways Program

The Evergreen State College and Grays Harbor College collaborate to provide a Bachelor of Arts degree in urban and rural areas and on select Indian reservations in western Washington.

Designed for place-bound students deeply connected to tribal communities, the Native Pathways program is  an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree on contemporary Native American issues. The curriculum is grounded in a recognition of the vitality and diversity of contemporary indigenous communities. It focuses on tribal administration, leadership, law, sustainability, and human services with a special emphasis on what is happening in Indian communities in Washington State.

Students attend weekly classes at one of three off campus sites—on the Quinault Indian Reservation, at Evergreen’s Tacoma Campus, or a site at Peninsula College. Students can also enroll in the hybrid Online program. Students also attend Saturday classes at the Longhouse where all students come together for classes, workshops and cultural events. Hundreds of students have earned their degrees through the program and gone on to graduate school and various positions in tribal government, social services, education, management, and other fields.

The Bridge Program at Grays Harbor College or Peninsula College is for students with less than 90 college credits. Students attend online and face-to-face classes designed for a high degree of cultural relevance.

  • Students also attend class four Saturdays per quarter at the Longhouse on the Evergreen campus, with the upper division Evergreen students.
  • Students work toward a direct transfer Associate of Arts Degree.

The Evergreen State College Native Pathways program serves students with 90 or more college credits.

  • Designed for students who live or work on a reservation or reside in an urban or rural area within commuting distance of the program sites. 
  •  Students attend class two nights a week at Evergreen’s Tacoma Campus, the Quinault Indian Reservation site, or the Peninsula College site. 
  • Students also have a new option of enrolling in the Native Pathways hybrid Online Program if they are unable to attend one of the other sites. 
  • All students also attend class four Saturdays each quarter at the Longhouse on the Evergreen campus.
  • Students work toward a Bachelor of Arts degree.