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Tribal Program Graduates

The Peninsula College site is a new Bridge program that began in Fall Quarter, 2012. The Grays Harbor College Bridge program has graduated many students with Associate of Arts direct transfer degrees, and most enroll in Evergreen's Reservation Based Community Determined program to pursue a Liberal Arts degree. Of the nearly 200 graduates from the Evergreen program since its inception, many pursue graduate studies, and most work in tribal communities after graduation. A few examples of the kinds of work graduates pursue include:

  • Graduate of Columbia University Law School , now practicing law.
  • Graduate of Seattle University School of Law, now practicing law for her Tribe.
  • Tribal Director: alcohol/drug program, social services/human services program, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program
  • Faculty: Tribal school, public high school, The Evergreen State College

Graduates are invited to contact us to provide updates on what they're doing today.