TRiO/KEY Services

TRiO/KEY StudentFind out who TRiO serves

Grays Harbor students: Please contact the office (360) 867-6464.

Reservation-Based students: Please contact the office (360) 867-6464.

Tacoma Campus students: May automatically participate in advising and workshops offered through the WaTEP (Washington TRiO Expansion Program) at the Tacoma campus every Tuesday.

Find the TRiO application

When is the due date?

We do not have a deadline. You may apply any time of the year.

What if I only meet one of the eligibility requirements?

You would qualify for the TRiO/KEY program. If you are still unsure, apply! Each application goes through a review process to determine eligibility and need.

Do I have to be admitted to Evergreen before I apply for TRiO/KEY?

Yes, you have to be at least a half-time admitted student.

Financial Literacy Workshop in Library

I'm a transfer student. Can I apply?


How long does it take to get a decision about my acceptance?

Our program serves 180 students. We may put you on a waitlist if we are at capacity.

I'm accepted! What do I have to do?

Set up an appointment with your advisor for an intake meeting by calling our main office line at 360-867-6464. Find out more about TRiO programming and requirements.

What happens if I'm put on the waitlist?

We will notify you when we have an opening. Don't forget to check in once and awhile to let us know you are still interested.You may also participate in several TRiO/KEY programs even while on the waitlist. Find out more about TRiO programming and requirements.

Is TRiO the same program as KEY?

Yes! Keep Enhancing Yourself (KEY) has been the historical name of the program. Because TRiO is a nationally known program, we also wanted the name of the program to be identifiable to people not familiar with Evergreen. So we are currently calling ourselves TRiO/KEY.

Do I have to take TRiO/KEY classes?

Yes and No

Yes- if you are new to Evergreen, we highly encourage you to take the TRiO @Evergreen: Understanding and Deconstructing Your Academic Experience class.

No- exceptions can be made for students who are already busy with other academic and/or life commitments.

How many TRiO course credits can I earn during my time at Evergreen?

Six. TRiO offers several courses. Students can take three TRiO @Evergreen courses for a total of six credits.