Web Payment Help


To make a payment on your account

  1. Log in to your my.evergreen.edu account and select "Web Payment".
  2. From the summary screen called “your account”, you will see your current student account balance, recent web payments, authorized users you have already set up and any saved payment methods.  If your account does not have a balance due or you have a credit (overpayment) on your student account, you will see a balance amount of zero. 
  3. Select the “make payment” link.  You may choose to make a payment on your student account balance (you may modify the amount that defaults); make an advance student account payment or choose any of the additional items that you may want to pay for at the time (Transcripts, Graduation, etc). As you add items to your “basket”, you will have the opportunity to review, edit and delete items. 
  4. Once you have added all items you wish to pay for, choose the “Pay Now” button. You will be guided through choosing your payment method and the required information.  You may choose to save a payment method for future use by supplying a name in the box labeled “Optional” at the bottom of the payment information screen.
  5. Click on “Continue Checkout” to submit your payment.  You will receive a message on the status of your payment once complete (approved or declined).  If your transaction was approved, you may print a receipt.  If your payment was declined, please note the reason and take the appropriate action.  Your approved transactions will show in our student system (Banner) in real time.

If your parent or another person will be making payments on your student account you must first set them up as an Authorized User.  Log on to your my.evergreen.edu account select "Web Payment" then scroll down to the "Authorized User" box and click on the set-up link to assign them a user name and password.  Authorized users will be prompted to change their password upon their first log in.  Authorized Users gain access to the web payment site only. Granting access to an Authorized User on the web payment site does not automatically give the user permission to gain additional account details from the College.  Student information (including bills) cannot be released to anyone other than the student without a written release per federal privacy laws (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA).  The FERPA release form is accessible through your my.evergreen.edu account.  

Authorized Users

Authorized Users can access CashNet though a link on Payment Options or Webpayment.  Once logged in select "Web Payment" then follow steps 3-5 (above) to complete your payment transaction.