The Web Team manages Evergreen’s public-facing website in support of student recruitment, retention, and fundraising. We also support users of the Cascade Server content management system (CMS).

Resources for Content Owners

If you currently manage or update content for your part of the website, we have several resources to help you out:

Let’s make your site better!

Contact the Web Team to get assistance with your website. Depending on your needs, your audience, and current college priorities, we can help with:

  • Strategy—Clarify your audience and goals; plan for current and future content.
  • Training—Learn how to use Cascade CMS and other site development tools.
  • Testing—Participate in a usability study or conduct a card sort.
  • Analytics—See which pages get the most visits and how visitors move through your site.
  • Writing, Programming, and Design—Update or add content and features to your pages.

Contact us if you would like help with any aspect of your site.

Third-Party Applications

Evergreen reinforces trust and familiarity with users by applying an identifying banner or “theme”. This means that Evergreen’s color palette and typography should be incorporated into third-party applications and services. Exceptions to these design principles can be made when technical requirements prohibit such changes. Contact us for assistance with third-party application design themes or attributes.

Our Core Principles

  • Iterative: constant progress
  • Simplified: work towards single sources of data, link and don't copy
  • User-focused: consider the target audience of every page and section
  • Data-driven: test, analyze, tweak, test, analyze, tweak

We use these principles to provide easy, intuitive access to information from any device.