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The Writing Center Presents: Cultivating Voice Spring 2015!

Students interested in becoming a peer tutor at the Writing Center are required to take a two-credit course, Cultivating Voice: A Writing Tutor's Craft, offered every Spring. Students interested in taking this course are strongly encouraged to attend our Winter Quarter info-session, where you'll get a taste of what the class entails, have the opportunity to ask questions, and receive your application to apply for the class.

Cultivating Voice combines readings, reflective writing, seminar, and a practicum to prepare students to become peer tutors in the Writing Centers. In seminar, students explore tutoring theories, examine the role of a peer tutor and develop effective tutoring practices. In the practicum, students will observe peer tutoring and graduate to supervised tutoring. The course also will address racial and social justice in serving and working with a diverse group. Students considering graduate school in related fields like education, creative writing, and literature will benefit from this training. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for the current academic year for more information. 

Whether or not you are able to attend the info session, you can download Cultivating Voice Spring 2015 application form here (pdf)

Winter Self Evaluation Workshops

The Writing Center Presents: Self Evaluation Workshops!

Writing Workshops are an excellent opportunity for students to improve their writing, receive feedback, and ask questions about self evaluations at Evergreen. All Evergreen students and alumni at all stages in the writing process are welcome. The details:

Winter self evaluation workshops


Tuesday of week 8 2/24
Tuesday of week 9 3/3

LIB 2302D

Academic Statement Workshop Poster

The Writing Center Presents: Winter Academic Statement Writing Workshops!

Come get all your questions answered about the world of academic statements! Get one-on-one time to work on or yours! Place the academic statement in context with your transcript, self evaluations, and Evergreen education! Workshops are open to all current Evergreen students and alumni.

This is a one-hour workshop, offered during weeks 8 and 9 on Monday 2/23 and monday 3/2 in LIB 2302D. Both workshops are at 4pm. See you there!

Welcome to Winter Quarter 2015 at the Writing Center!

Whatever level of experience or confidence you have with writing, we invite you to come to the Center to explore and strengthen your writing process. Our tutors are here to work with you on your writing and to support you in navigating the different types of writing you encounter at Evergreen.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 867-6420 or stop by during our normal business hours (below).

We look forward to seeing you!