Success After Evergreen

Graduates of The Evergreen State College do well in graduate schools all over the country and in all sorts of careers.

You can find Evergreen alumni everywhere. They work at Microsoft and Apple, as college professors and kindergarten teachers, as legislators and lawyers and political activists, as doctors and vets, in Hollywood and in field biology research stations.

Graduate School Success

Greeners have gone to graduate programs at a variety of prestigious institutions including Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and MIT.

They've gone to medical school at Johns Hopkins and Oregon Health and Science University; to law school at Georgetown and NYU; and to art school at RISD and San Francisco Art Institute.

Evergreen Alumni

Learn more about life after Evergreen by reading some of our alumni profiles. More alumni stories can be found in Evergreen Magazine, and the Alumni Entrepreneur Directory has information about more than 500 graduates running their own businesses.