Student Group Leaders

Circus Resurgence

Circus Resurgence's booth at the Fall Activities Fair.

Forms and Handbook

Download the Student Activities Handbook (PDF).

See the Forms page for all the forms you need for your student group.

Student Leadership Activity Reports (SLAR)

The SLAR is required for all groups that receive S&A Board funding. All coordinators in the group must participate in reporting, either by listing their names collectively or by submitting separate reports. Reports are due once per quarter.

Complete your report now.

Deadlines and Paydays

If you receive a stipend and complete your reports by the deadline, your check or direct deposit will be available on the pay dates below. If you miss the deadlines, your checks will be delayed.

Reporting PeriodSLAR Due to Student ActivitiesCheck Available (if paid stipend)
Fall 2019October 23rdNovember 8th
Winter 2020February 5thFebruary 25th
Spring 2020April 22ndMay 11th
Summer 2020July 22ndAugust 10th

Scheduling Group Meetings

Planning Something Bigger?

Organizing an event requires planning. Find out how to run a successful event.

Having a weekly meeting is the best way to maintain and grow a student group. It's something people can count on and build into their schedule, or drop by without a lot of commitment. Meeting times will be listed on the web so new members can find you easily.

Talk with your existing members to figure out what day and time is best for them. Figure out what kind of space you need, based on what you like to do at your meetings. Your group's advisor can also help you decide on the right kind of space and check on availability.

Complete the Weekly Meeting Request form and return it to the Student Activities office to schedule your meetings.

The Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program gets the word out to gain more members, and just has some fun in the sun.

Keep Your Group Active

Strong groups that last over time have a broad membership and continuing leadership. You can help to make that happen.

Get the word out

Never stop advertising your group and your meetings. There's someone out there who cares about what your group does who hasn't heard of you yet.

  • Hold consistent regular meetings.
  • Keeping having events.
  • Grow your lists: remind people about your Facebook page, collect emails at events.

Turn members into leaders

  • Be inclusive of new people.
  • Notice the people who are consistently interested in doing more and help them become the next leaders. Give them things to do.
  • Let other people know what's involved with running your group; share your plans and paperwork.
  • Introduce your up and coming members to your advisor.

Money & Other Resources


Many student group activities need money. You have options, but you need to know what you're doing.

Bake sales are a simple way to raise some cash and awareness of your group. Talk to your advisor to get a "special revenue" account set up. They'll also give you the bake sale guidelines from the Thurston County Health Department.


If you want to request money from the S&A Board, you'll need to write a budget proposal. Start by talking to your advisor. It's easy to get a $90 startup budget, and more is available.


Space on campus

We can help you reserve almost any space on campus that meets your needs. In the Student Activities area, you can have a cubicle and use the common work areas, including two computer work stations.

Supplies and equipment

The following equipment is available for checkout for student group activities and events. You can also get your information up around campus on the Green Screens (TV displays).

Food & Beverage Supplies

  • Hot Water Kettles
  • Water coolers
  • Hot/Cold cups
  • Popcorn Machine with popcorn supplies
  • Coffee Urn


  • Laptops & Chromebooks
  • Digital Cameras
  • Overhead projector
  • TV/VCR/DVDs on carts
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • FLIP Video Camera
  • Walkie-Talkies
  • Speakerphone
  • USB Flash Drives

Signs & Tents

  • Boards with Velcro-on letters
  • Standing signs
  • Whiteboard easels
  • Pop-up tents
  • Sandwich boards

And more...

  • Button maker
  • Event Staff Vests
  • Office Supplies
  • Glitter