Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory

The Evergreen Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory is a voluntary catalog of all of the Greeners who have gone on to start their own businesses.

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Evergreen alumni embrace change. They ask tough questions and insist on good answers. They are innovative, resourceful, persistent, driven to create and achieve.

It's no wonder an astounding number of Evergreen alumni are entrepreneurs: people who start and run businesses, create non-profit organizations and foundations, and invent products and processes. Evergreen alumni make their communities better, stronger, and more vibrant.

Now, through The Evergreen Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory, we are creating a networking resource to share ideas and experiences among alumni entrepreneurs and the larger global community. Enjoy our directory and watch it grow as alumni entrepreneurs everywhere stand up to be recognized.

Name Graduated Business or Product Business Type Locationsort ascending
Athelia Hart Hawkins
Ba 2004
" designer, Card Creations By Athelia" " Freelance coach, Continuing Education Scholorship Resources" " Electronic Newsletter News" anf " freelance Career Coach, Career Explorations"
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Tacoma, WA
Karen Utter
Paper & Silk; Vintage Kimono
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Jeffrey McKenzie
Blue-Job Mfg Co
Tacoma, WA
Geff Ratcheson
BA 1979
Dandylion Records
Tacoma, WA
Evelyn Undziakiewicz
Oasis Home Residence
Community and Social Services
Tacoma, WA
Donna Griffin
The Keel Group
Real Estate
Tacoma, WA
Benjamin T. Lincoln
BA 1986
Benjamin Lincooln & Denise Hood Lincoln Gutter Cleanign and Repair
Installation, Maintenance and Repair
Tacoma, WA
Darren Brewster
DB Designs
Computer, Technology and Web
Tacoma, WA
Libby Dunkin
BS 1988
Flux Drive Inc
Computer, Technology and Web
Sumner, WA
Wade Johnson
W A Johnson Ecological Design LLC
Architecture and Engineering
Stillwater, MN
Edward S. Lemar
BA 2001
Feel Good Music Festival
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Stevens Point, WI
Tom Reinbold
Mercy Clinic
Glenn E Tanner
BA 1985
Glenn E Tanner –Attorney at law
Terese Palaia
Blue Moon Garden and Nursery LLC
Farming, Fishing and Forestry
Spokane, WA
Dennis Held
BA/ 1988
Area 58
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Spokane, WA
Samantha Barrera‒Rosas
Intentional Life Coaching, LLC
Counseling and Therapy
Spanaway, WA
Peter Berkley
BA 1999
Belle Creative
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Sonoma, CA
Jason Clemmons
ATL Computer Repair
Computer, Technology and Web
Smyrna, GA
Richard H. Green
Still Point Creative
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Skokie, IL
Anthony Kesler
Griffin Group
Silverton, OR