Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory

The Evergreen Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory is a voluntary catalog of all of the Greeners who have gone on to start their own businesses.

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Evergreen alumni embrace change. They ask tough questions and insist on good answers. They are innovative, resourceful, persistent, driven to create and achieve.

It's no wonder an astounding number of Evergreen alumni are entrepreneurs: people who start and run businesses, create non-profit organizations and foundations, and invent products and processes. Evergreen alumni make their communities better, stronger, and more vibrant.

Now, through The Evergreen Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory, we are creating a networking resource to share ideas and experiences among alumni entrepreneurs and the larger global community. Enjoy our directory and watch it grow as alumni entrepreneurs everywhere stand up to be recognized.

Namesort descending Graduated Business or Product Business Type Location
Bob Phillips
Ba 1986
Bob Phillips Music
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Seattle, WA
Brad Trnavsky
BA/ 2002
Sales Management 2.0
Business and Financial
Arlington, WA
Brent Trela
BA 1992
Alert Aesthetics
Hospitality (lodging food and beverage)
Lubbock, TX
Brent Trela
Alert Aesthetics
Life, Physical and Social Science
Bret Corrington
BA 2003
Artist Eye Portfolio Studio
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Seattle, WA
Brian Combs
Pacifica Restoration
Environmental Services
Olympia, WA
Brian Drewes
Zero VFX
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Boston, MA
Brian Krohnke
Mindo Cloudforest Foundation
Environmental Services
Bruce Weiskotten
BA 1990
Pan Earth Designs
Environmental Services
Bruce Honig
BA 1977
Honig IdeaGuides/ 4 Hour Training/ The Meetings Company
Community and Social Services
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Bryan Swearinger
BA 1998
Katun Investments
Real estate
Burdoc Nisson
Weiss Family Chiropractic
Davenport, IA
Caitlin (Ochse) Fuller
Thrive Wellness Health Center
San Diego, CA
Caitlin Williams
Embody Life Coaching
Counseling and Therapy
Portland, OR
Calvin Johnson
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
Olympia, WA
Candace Lemon
BA 2002
Durango Hometown Hostel
Hospitality (lodging food and beverage)
Durango, CO
Candee Pearson
BA 1991
Five Star Feng Shui
Personal Care and Service
Durango, CO
Carina Murray
BA 2001
Crow and Canary
Sales and Related
Portland, OR
Carl Andrews
BA 1997
Smart Homes of Cascadia
Education, Training and Library
Bellingham, WA
Carl Brownstein
BA 1989
Rights O'Man Boat Works
Installation, Maintenance and Repair
Shelton, WA