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Advanced Research Methods

Spring 2020
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
4 Credits per quarter
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Advanced research methods examines statistical approaches from a practical viewpoint using R, a powerful tool for statistical modeling. The course aim is to introduce students to a variety of statistical research techniques as well as enhance their ability to generate, read, and interpret research findings. Ultimately the goal is for students to become better users and readers of research and workplace data. Our task is to learn how to analyze data sensibly and in context in order to enhance decision-making and organizational performance. Using R we will be able to fit statistical models to data, assess the goodness of fit, display estimates, standard errors, and predicted values derived from models. The software also provides us with the means to define, manipulate, explore, tabulate, and sort data. The assigned textbooks provide programming scripts and data sets for practice and homework assignments


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Mar. 30-June 1 Mon 6-10p

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Purce Hall 7 - Classroom