Don't Make a Cake -- Redesign the Kitchen! Experiments in Theater and Music

Spring 2019
Class Size: 25
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Arun Chandra
music composition, performance
Benjamin Kapp
Music composition, performing arts, music theory

This program's title comes from an attempt to look at the premises (the foundations) one uses when creating works of art.  What are the "foundations" of an art form? How can we take a new look at those foundations?

Some of our guiding questions: Does music  have  to have a beat?  Does theater  have  to have a plot?  Does music  have  to have tonality?  Does theater  have  to have characters?  What alternatives open up when such "foundations" are examined?  More importantly, can an intended message be delivered in a context in which the techniques of communication are radically altered?

And what should we do about the audience member who cries "But I don't  understand  it! You're an  elitist!  This is..."? --- But let's leave the poor fella alone.

In the program, we'll be reading plays in which the authors have attempted such things (such as Adrienne Kennedy, Caryl Churchill, David Greenspan) and listening to music by  Luigi Nono, Chaya Czernowin, and Helmut Lachenmann. We may attend live performances. Students will be asked to write short papers on the readings and the listenings. Students will also be asked to create three performances over the quarter, in which they attempt to address some aspect of the fundamentals of their medium.  There will be a public performance of student works at the end of the quarter. The emphasis will be on  live  performances of music and theater that  don't  involve electricity --- we're looking at the  roots  of the media!

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Performing ArtsMusicTheater


Credits per quarter

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$100 for tickets for performances in Seattle and Portland

Class Standing: Freshman–Senior
Class Size: 25

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Monday, April 1, 2019 - 10:00 am
Com 335 - Performance Rehearsal

Located in: Olympia