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History of Agriculture in Washington State: 1880 - 2020

Spring 2020
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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Agriculture in Washington first developed during a period of agrarian revolt. Populism, in its many forms, took root in our state through political organizations such as the Grange – an agriculturally based fraternal organization that played a dominant role in the politics of the state prior to WWII. Both agriculture and politics were shaped by the replacement of the family farm with corporations controlled by national and international financial interests. The story of the industrialization of agriculture provides deep insight into the political economy of our state and helps explain how our nation’s food production and distribution system was shaped.


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This EWS elective was developed in consultation with Martha Rosemeyer and Sarah Williams and the Food and Agriculture Curricular Pathway. It is preparatory for careers in public policy, food and agriculture policy and environmental education. It is listed in the Food and Agriculture Pathway's curricular plan for 2019-'20 and beyond.

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