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Intercultural Communication: Local to Global

Spring 2020
Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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In our global economy and diverse society, we are surrounded by opportunities for intercultural collaboration.  Yet understanding (and being understood) can feel challenging when people come from very different cultural backgrounds.  In this program, we will explore research and advice on communicating across significant differences both within the U.S. and in contexts outside of the U.S. Students will critically engage with key concepts in the field of intercultural communication and apply them to interpersonal, small group, and community interactions.  The nature of culture and cultural differences will be open to investigation as we study scholarly literature on verbal and non-verbal communication.  We will deepen our understanding of practices that foster intercultural communication competence, including the study of history and culture (others' and one's own). Students will have the opportunity to do individual research on a culture of particular relevance to their personal life or professional goals.  Student assignments will also include participation in conversation groups with English language learners (immigrants or exchange students) outside of class.  


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Evening and Weekend
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