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Research Capstone in Psychology

Winter 2020
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 20
16 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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This program is designed to provide a Capstone opportunity within psychology (or closely related social science disciplines such as sociology or cultural anthropology) to conduct independent research projects within a supportive intellectual environment of other researchers. Research projects may be inductive or deductive in their approach, and may utilize qualitative or quantitative methodology. Research may be aimed at testing a well-established theory, replicating a study, crafting an elegant psychological experiment, designing and executing a written survey, conducting interviews, or engaging in observational ethnographic research. 

Students will form research groups within the program based on shared research interests (or methodological interests or theoretical interests). Faculty will provide one-on-one research support to each student as well as provide structured support to these learning communities across all aspects of the research process. Students entering this capstone program should do so with a particular research project in mind, although faculty will work closely with students during the first two weeks to help shape the nature of their project in both practical and theoretically meaningful ways.

Students who successfully complete this capstone program will have collected, analyzed, and written up their findings by the end of the winter 2020 quarter. You will be eligible to apply in the fall 2020 to present your findings at the annual conference of the Western Psychological Association the following spring of 2021. (Note for Seniors: presenting at the conference is possible even if you will have already graduated by that time.)



Students should have familiarity with empirical research methods in the social sciences, quantitative or qualitative analysis, and study design; significant previous study (two quarters or more) in psychology, sociology, political science, or anthropology; and a preliminary plan for research topic. Most importantly, students should be academically, intellectually, and emotionally prepared for conducting an independent research project with other students who are similarly prepared. Students who apply to participate in this program should take their intellectual life seriously, be prepared for critical thinking, and be able to engage in constructive collaboration with other students.

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Students must fill out an assessment/application form designed to demonstrate level of preparation for a capstone project in research psychology (see Prerequisites). This form is available online ( ); please submit your completed form to Laura Citrin via faculty mailbox (Sem II A2117), or by email (, or in person at the Dec 4 2019 Academic Fair.

Due : Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Course Reference Numbers

So - Sr (16): 20272
So - Sr (12): 20273

Academic details

Preparatory For

psychology, sociology, mental health counseling

Variable Credit Options

4 seats at 12 credits

Maximum Enrollment
Online Learning
Enhanced Online Learning - This offering requires access to web-based tools, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.
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Printing poster fee: We will be creating a poster session on campus in which students present their findings from their Research Capstone research study in large poster format. $20 for printing a large conference poster on campus via Photo Services (at Photoland).


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