Team Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Energy Changemaker Lab

Fall 2019
Class Size: 40
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Dion Gouws square
strategic planning, business management and entrepreneurship, accounting

Team Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation: MTA Evergreen LEINN Change Maker Lab – The Alternative Energy Sector

“The world has not been given to us to contemplate but to transform and we do it as team-entrepreneurs learning by creating in teams”

Now you have the opportunity to become a team-entrepreneur and experiment the magic of LEINN and Mondragon Team Academy’s (MTA World) “  team learning by creating  ” by designing and implementing projects and sustainable businesses, both for profit and nonprofit, that deal with the alternative energy sector.

This program is designed around a set of unique ingredients that seek to promote and empower the entrepreneurial spirit of its participants. It offers a time and space for people to work on real projects together.

This program is a hands-on learning program intended for students interested in environmentally and socially sustainable enterprises in the alternative energy sectors and the physics and chemistry of renewable energy systems. We will cover some theory in the classroom and spend most of our time in labs as we learn about renewable energy systems and how to function as team entrepreneurs while doing strategic and business planning and launch real projects. We will utilize various business planning, accounting, tax and web development software applications as well as scientific instruments and applications.

Team-entrepreneurs will attend training and lab sessions, coaching sessions, learning modules, field trips, guest lectures and team activities. As a participant, one may supplement knowledge by attending certain supplemental workshops and lectures.

We will explore the basic physical principles of power and energy, with a focus on the transformations of energy most relevant to electricity generation, transportation, and building heating and cooling. Solar photo voltaic and solar thermal systems, wind power, and hydroelectric will be covered in the greatest depth given their greater suitability for small-scale entrepreneurial endeavors, but all of these will be put in the context of the overall national and regional energy systems. Implementing alternative energy systems requires some basic familiarity with thermodynamics, electrical circuits, electromagnetic induction, optics, and mechanics. We will engage in a hands-on study of these topics, with a strong focus on applications, through laboratory exercises. 

We will also learn hands on how to launch actual projects and businesses, incorporating business aspects such as entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, leadership, and strategic planning. We will explore internet marketing methods and learn how to use accounting software to record and analyze data, learn about for profit and nonprofit entities and make real contacts with potential users and customers.

This program provides students with skills in renewable energy, energy efficiency and business. Anticipated credit equivalencies include strategic planning, entrepreneurship and leadership and algebra-based physics.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

Entrepreneurship, Business, Strategic Planning, Managerial Accounting, Solar and Wind Energy and Batteries,


Credits per quarter



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Class Standing: Sophomore–Senior
Class Size: 40

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 9:00 am
SEM 2 C4107 - Workshop

Located in: Olympia

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