Children's Center Rates

Application and Registration Fee

  • Application Fee - $50
  • Upon accepting a spot at the Children's Center, your account will be charged a non-refundable registration fee of $150. 
  • Each year you remain enrolled after that, this fee is applied to your account in October.
  • If you have any questions please contact the director.

July 1st 2019 - June 30th 2020 Evergreen Campus Children's Center Fees - Monthly

  Faculty, Staff and Community Fees
Infant $1,235
Toddler $1,130
Preschool $1,000

Evergreen Student Sliding Scale Fees-Monthly

  High Income Students
Infant $990
Toddler $905
Preschool $800
  Low Income Students
Infant $865
Toddler $790
Preschool $700
  High Income Students - Second Child
Infant $890
Toddler $815
Preschool $720
  Low Income Students - Second Child
Infant $780
Toddler $710
Preschool $630

DSHS Childcare Subsidy is accepted for faculty and enrolled students. If you are no longer faculty, staff or an enrolled student the Faculty/Staff/Community rate applies.