Library Services

With the health of our community in mind, and in response to COVID-19, Library and Media Services encourages students and faculty to make use of digital resources.

Library doors are closed, and we cannot provide access to physical items (e.g. books, paper serials, media equipment) at this time. We are no longer accepting returns.

Due dates have been extended until June 12 for all materials currently checked out.

Late fines for library items due after February 15, 2020 will be waived during the period of restricted access. Overdue item fees accrued before February 15 will remain on the borrower’s account.

Late fines for media loan items will be waived during this period. Borrowers are responsible for the replacement value of media equipment if it is lost, stolen, or damaged in their possession, or if it is not returned when normal operations resume.

Returns suspended

  • Media Loan closed at 3 pm on March 18, until further notice.
  • The book return box outside the building closed at noon on March 20, until further notice.

Online library services

Media Loan

  • Media Loan is closed until further notice.
  • Media Loan has processed extended loans until early May for students in spring courses/programs. Due dates have been extended for items due winter quarter. Borrowers should have received an auto-generated email indicating the extended due date.
  • When normal operations resume, borrowers can expect an auto-generated email with information regarding any changes to due dates.

Media Labs

  • All media labs are closed and keys will not be circulated until further notice.

Library circulation

  • We are not currently lending physical items.
  • We cannot accept returns.
  • See note above on late fines, waived during this suspension.
  • Items currently on the hold shelf will be held an additional week after circulation service resume.
  • All materials currently checked out have extended due dates of June 12. If you have a question about specific materials on your account, email us at

Writing Center and QuaSR

  • Both learning centers plan to offer remote tutoring in spring quarter.

Additional information

  • Email is our preferred form of communication; we may not be able to return phone messages.
  • Library Faculty are eager to support remote learning and teaching; you can contact them via
  • Media Services staff are eager to provide support; in-person support is currently suspended. Email for assistance.
  • We are not able to scan physical items to produce PDFs for closed reserve. Faculty may wish to create PDFs for use in remote teaching; if so, please be sure to create them with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that accessible technology software can read them.
  • Media Loan does not circulate laptops, and has suspended all lending of media equipment.
  • All media lab and studio spaces are currently closed.
  • Faculty with technology needs should submit a help ticket online.

Library Questions:

Please address operational questions and concerns, as appropriate, to:

Ahniwa Ferrari, Associate Dean for Library Operations
Vito Valera, Associate Director for Media Services
Sandy Yannone, Director of Writing Center
Vauhn Foster-Grahler, Director of QuaSR