Registration for Spring 2020

  • Registration staff are checking email ( regularly. We are periodically checking voicemail and returning calls. Email will get the quickest response.

  • Evergreen email will be the primary means of communication between faculty, students, and the Registration office for Spring 2020.

  • You will need to be registered for a program or course to be added to the program or course Canvas or WordPress account. Waitlist students cannot see Canvas information.

  • You will need a faculty signature to join a program or course during or after Week 1.

  • We are relaxing some of the late fees and tuition refund policies for the first two weeks of the quarter.

  • If you have technology issues, please submit a help ticket for the quickest response. Registration staff are part of the technology help team and will assist with troubleshooting when appropriate.

To minimize the number of changes for everyone, all other registration-related processes and deadlines remain the same, as outlined below:

Break Week (March 23–27)

Registration continues to move students into classes from waitlists until 4 pm Friday, March 27, 2020.

Students may add registration without signature (unless otherwise required) until 4 pm Friday, March 27, 2020.

As of 4 pm PDT on Friday, March 27, 2020:

  • Faculty permission is required to add registration. If you previously received permission but did not register, you will need to get permission again.
  • Waitlists are no longer used as a primary determination for being added to a program or course. Faculty may choose to use your waitlist position but this is at their discretion.

Week 1 (March 28–April 3)

For registration purposes, Week 1 begins at 4 pm PDT on Friday, March 27, the Friday before the official start of the quarter, and includes the days before instruction begins on April 2.

  • Spring quarter begins: March 30, 2020.
  • Instruction begins: Thursday, April 2.
  • Week 1 ends: Friday, April 3. All online registration closes at 4 pm PDT.

As of 4 pm on Friday March 27, waitlists are no longer used as a primary determination for being added to a program or course. Faculty may choose to use your waitlist position but this is at their discretion.

Adding new registration

Faculty permission is required: email the faculty to request permission to join the class. Faculty may enter overrides (approvals) online or email approval to and Registration staff will enter the overrides for them.

You must still complete your own registration once you have received permission.

Dropping registration

100% of tuition and fees are refunded if you drop registration during Week 1.

Be proactive about dropping your own registration. Do not assume that you will be dropped if you do not attend class.

Week 2 (April 6–10)

The same policies as Week 1 apply for adding and dropping registration during Week 2, with the following exceptions:

  • No online registration as of 4 pm PDT, Friday April 3. Email your form to
  • Adding registration would normally incur a $50 registration late fee. This fee will be waived for week 2 of Spring 2020.
  • Dropping registration is normally refunded at 50% of tuition and 100% of fees. In most cases, this will be waived for Week 2 of Spring 2020.

Week 3 and after (After April 10)

Starting at 4 pm PDT on Friday, April 10, regular late fees, tuition refund policies, and petition processes apply.

We are required to report enrollment to state and federal agencies at the end of Week 2. After that we must have documentation to explain to our auditors why changes were made after we submitted our report.

Visit the Changing Your Registration page for more information on registration processes and deadlines throughout the quarter, including how those interact with your financial aid package.