Remote Operations

Assumes a substantial risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Instruction is conducted 100% remotely using phone, email, and online tools.

College operations are conducted remotely, unless essential work is required on campus. Employees who are able to telework are directed to do so. Employees with job functions which must be conducted on campus to support health, safety, and essential operations (including remote teaching) are authorized to work on campus as needed.

Employees in high-risk health categories should refrain from working on campus if at all possible.

  • Undergraduate research in labs is not permitted.
  • Academic offerings providing essential services (e.g. organic farm, some internships) may continue operating.
  • All study abroad and academic domestic travel is prohibited.
  • College related travel is discouraged. Exceptions require approval from a vice president.
  • Evergreen Guidelines for Physical Distancing are implemented.
  • Evergreen Guidelines for Distributing Items are implemented.
  • Meetings of more than two people in-person are prohibited, unless they involve communication about essential work and can be accomplished quickly, in open spaces with physical separation.
  • No group events are conducted in person.
  • Gathering in common seating areas is prohibited.
  • All facilities are closed to the public.
  • Operations are reduced. Most in-person services are closed. Depending on the situation, virtual services and other services that do not require direct public contact may continue.
  • Dining plan meals are provided for pick-up, in to-go containers, to residential students only.
  • Residential students are strongly encouraged to return to their primary residence until further notice. New students are prohibited from moving into housing. RAD student employees telework or only conduct essential or emergency functions.

See all Response Levels for College Operations.