Spring 2020 Independent Studies

All Independent Learning Contracts and internships MUST be resubmitted through the system in my.evergreen.edu, whether or not they can be completed as originally filed.

Independent Learning Contracts (ILCs)

For some of you, your work plan is already conducive to social distancing: writing, composing music, conducting research, and so on. If this is the case with your ILC contract, you can leave it as it is, establish communication plans with your faculty, and carry on with your work. However, you will need to resubmit your contract through the system.

Library access as well as access to labs, studios, and media equipment will be limited, but library staff will work with you to get the online materials you need.

If your ILC includes interacting with people face-to-face, you will need to work with your faculty to adjust your plan and resubmit your contract.

Internships (INTs)

In-person internships will not be permitted in Spring 2020, with extremely limited exceptions.

If your internship is not adaptable for remote or special social-distance circumstances, you will need to make a new academic plan for spring. Faculty sponsors and Academic and Career Advising can help you find options.

If you choose to resubmit your internship for exception

You will be required to get your field supervisor and faculty sponsor approval for a new plan. (You will not need to resubmit Verification of New Learning if you have already received approval from Academic Advising).

The two options for exceptions:

  1. Conduct Remotely: It may be possible for some internships to be conducted remotely, in accordance with remote work guidelines established by Evergreen and by community partners. You should consult with your faculty sponsor and your field supervisor about this possibility. If this is the case, you will need to resubmit your revised contract describing the conditions under which you will work in the “Communication and Support Plan” section of the online contract form.

  2. Special Social Distancing Circumstances: A few internships might still be able to go forward under careful social distancing conditions, such as working outside in the food bank gardens. If you, your faculty sponsor, and your field supervisor have a careful plan in place for such an internship, you and your field supervisor will be required to sign an additional waiver acknowledging the risks involved. You will still need to resubmit your contract in the online system describing the conditions under which you will work in the “Communication and Support Plan” section of the online contract form. For this option, an additional waiver form will be provided to you by the Deans.

Please be advised: the restrictions for in-person work are likely to tighten even more as we go; we don’t anticipate approving a lot of exceptions. We are sorry about this, but please plan accordingly.

Human Subjects Review

If you submitted a proposal that included a Human Subjects Review (HSR), you will also need to reshape your plan. No projects that include face-to-face interaction can proceed.

For example, data collection through interviews should be performed remotely, or projects should be redesigned to eliminate interviews. Faculty and students will need to work together on reshaping project work.

Travel and your plan of study

There should be no travel, either foreign or domestic, built into your plan of study.


Consult first with your faculty sponsor, but any other questions can be directed to deans@evergreen.edu.