Student Employment & COVID-19

There are jobs available through the college that are available to be done remotely. If you do not have a student job now or cannot do your previous student job, contact the Student Employment Office at

We want to keep as many students as possible working while following all the health and safety guidelines. Your work is critical to the operation of the college, and many studies show that students who work to help fund their education are more engaged in the life of the college and more successful academically.

Your supervisor should be in touch with you about possibilities of remote work. Ultimately, some positions can’t be transformed to allow remote work. As Student Employment and Financial Aid become aware of those situations they will work individually with each student on their financial aid package for Spring quarter. We want to make sure that students can focus on their courses or program and still pay living expenses.

If you are having trouble finding a student position or enough hours to work, please email the Student Employment Office at

  • Work-study student workers may have an option to convert their work-study award to grant or additional loan funding.
  • Non-work-study student workers may be directed towards open positions with remote options or have adjustments to their financial aid award.

If you have an immediate need for funds, such as being unable to work the hours you expected during evaluation week or spring break, please complete a request for emergency funds as soon as you can. List a few details of your work situation as the reason for needing immediate help.