Summer 2020 Individual Studies

For students developing an Individual Learning Contract (ILC) or an Internship (INT) for Summer and Fall 2020, these are the college guidelines under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We plan to continue our guidelines for remote learning issued in the spring. This means all learning this summer quarter will be under remote conditions in order to meet state guidelines issued in Governor Inslee’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy directive.

There may be some exceptions considered, given the phased nature of the governor’s most recent guidelines. Under certain conditions and by petition only, some exceptions may be provided for learning activities that are planned to occur in the second half of the summer.

Individual Learning Contracts (ILCs)

You will need to create a plan with your faculty sponsors that includes regular check-ins, submission of work, and evaluation conferences via remote means (Zoom, phone calls, Canvas, etc.). Some student individual learning is conducive to social distancing, such as writing, composing music, conducting research and so on. Other ideas will need to be modified to meet the remote-only criteria. 

Library access as well as access to labs, studios, and media equipment will be limited, but library staff will work with you to get the online materials you need.

If your ILC includes interacting with people face-to-face, you will need to work with your faculty to adjust your plan and resubmit your contract.

Internships (INTs)

In-person internships, including in-program internships, will not be permitted in Summer 2020, with extremely limited exceptions.

Options for internships

  1. Conduct Remotely: It may be possible for some internships to be conducted remotely, in accordance with remote work guidelines established by Evergreen and by community partners. You should consult with your faculty sponsor and your field supervisor about this possibility. When you submit your contract, describe the conditions under which you will work in the “Communication and Support Plan” section of the online contract form.

  2. Special Social Distancing Circumstances: A few internships might still be able to go forward, provided they meet with Evergreen’s health and safety policies under COVID-19. If your plans have met these health and safety guidelines, you and your field supervisor will be required to sign an additional waiver acknowledging the risks involved. Please describe the conditions under which you will work in the “Communication and Support Plan” section of the online contract form. For this option, an additional waiver form will be provided to you by the Deans. Please be advised: we don’t anticipate approving a lot of exceptions, so please plan accordingly.

Please be advised: the restrictions for in-person work are likely to tighten even more as we go; we don’t anticipate approving a lot of exceptions. We are sorry about this, but please plan accordingly.

Human Subjects Review

Projects that involve interviews with human subjects will need to be conducted remotely. Please consult the Human Subjects Review website and the Human Subjects Review Guidelines to determine whether you need to submit a full Human Subjects Review application.

Travel and your plan of study

You may not build any travel, either foreign or domestic, into your plan of study.

Fall 2020

Guidance for Individual Study is forthcoming. Given the emergent nature of the governor’s guidelines, we will wait to issue guidelines for ILC/INTs for fall 2020.


Consult first with your faculty sponsor, but any other questions can be directed to