Supervisors and COVID-19

Resources for supervisors during altered operations.

During this period of altered operations, you are responsible for directing your employees regarding who:

  • is required to work on campus
  • is required to work remotely
  • will be eligible to receive paid administrative leave

Please be aware and convey to your staff that flexibility is needed during this time. An employee’s assignment could be a combination of working on campus, working remotely, or being on paid administrative leave and that this could change during the period of altered operations based on business needs.

See the other pages for employees for information and advice being provided to all college employees, including updated sick leave and FMLA options provided by law.


In an effort to keep our community healthy and to do our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19, we are strongly encouraging you to allow your staff to work remotely if they are equipped to do so and if they have responsibilities that you agree may be performed from a remote location.

We also encourage you to be creative in how you are thinking about remote work assignments. For those staff that are currently on paid administrative leave, are there some professional enrichment/development assignments that you could assign? For example, consider assigning your staff to participate in a webinar, catch up on their professional reading, and where applicable, have them complete their “Employee Policy Training” and/or contact training through the Purchasing Office.

In addition, consider work opportunities that the staff member may not typically do in their normal course of business that you can assign (at the same or lower classification for classified staff).

Teleworking Resources

Staff on paid administrative leave

Please inform staff that you assign as being on paid administrative leave during altered operations of the following information:

  • Their paid administrative leave assignment may change if their responsibilities are needed and/or if staffing needs require it;
  • They must be available to receive and respond to requests from the College and perform any work that is needed from them during their regular scheduled work hours;
  • If they will not be available due to leave needed for personal appointments or illness, they must notify you in advance or as soon as possible, and in accordance with leave request procedures; and
  • They will receive full compensation while on paid administrative leave.

See the For Employees page for details about recording time and leave. If you have questions, please send them to the Time and Leave DL.

Temporary, hourly employees

If there is work that you can assign to your temporary, hourly employees, you may do so and they will be compensated for time worked. If there is no work for your temporary, hourly employees, they are not eligible to receive paid administrative leave at this time. If this changes, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Student employees

We understand that many of our students rely upon on-campus part-time jobs to supplement their income and cover their expenses. As the college adapts to remote teaching and supporting student employees impacted by COVID-19, academic units and departments are reminded they may continue to employ students and compensate them accordingly. This also applies to the availability of federal, state and college-based Work Study.

We know changes in college operations may disrupt the ability for students to work in these jobs. Additionally, some students may delay their return to campus or have elected to move back home for the rest of the winter and spring quarters. These situations may present a significant financial hardship for students.

A cross-divisional work group is working on this issue and are exploring options.

In the meantime, if you can employ your work-study or institutional student employees, there is no change to the procedure for reporting hours worked, including remote work when possible.

Additional resources