Working Safely On Campus

All time worked remotely should be recorded in your timesheet as normal, including any overtime. Payroll is being processed normally.

Employees should work remotely unless they have been approved by their supervisor or dean to work on campus for essential operations. Employees in high-risk health categories should refrain from working on campus if at all possible.

However, some employees in essential operations may be working on campus.

Essential operations

  • Maintaining health and safety
  • Preparing for remote instruction
  • Preparing for or delivering services which support students on campus, student learning, and remote instruction
  • Distribution of mail, food, or supplies essential for remote instruction and college operations
  • Work in the production and preparation of food
  • Maintaining other critical operations not listed here

When working on campus

  • Sanitize your working space; only use sanitizers registered with EPA as a sanitizer. Read the sanitizer label and follow usage directions.
  • Wash hands.
  • Refrain from shaking hands.
  • Bring your own food and eat at their desk or outside.
  • Wash your hands before visiting a dining services venue.
  • Wear a cloth face covering when interacting with others, especially when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.
  • Gloves are not advised in regular work on campus. Employees engaged in higher risk activities, such as cleaning or disinfecting, should wear gloves and appropriate masks.

Contact with other people

Avoid in-person meetings if possible. Critical in-person meetings of more than two people should not happen at this time. Any required meetings should be short and in open spaces.

There should be no more than one person in a confined space such as an office at one time.

In order to maintain 6 feet of separation, there should be no more than two people working in spaces the size of a small conference room, research lab or studio.

When employees are working on campus in isolation, they should notify a supervisor or working partner, and report when they come and when they leave.

Employees engaged in activities that have elevated risk of injury should continue to do so with normal safety precautions – including working with a partner within earshot.

Dependent Children

We know that many of you have children at home and that you need to care for them. We care about the well-being of you and your families. However, in the interest of doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, please do not bring children to campus.