On-Campus Sick Meals

If you are ill, have a friend pick up a Sick Meal from the POD market in the Housing Community Center (HCC).

You may want to make arrangements with a friend in advance so you can help each other eat regularly if you get sick. This works for any kind of illness, not just flu or the novel coronavirus.

Here's how sick meals work:

  • Email your friend with your "A" number giving them permission to charge your meal plan
  • If you don’t have a meal plan we will bill your student account for your meal.
  • Have your friend print your permission email and bring a copy to the POD Market to pick up your sick meal.

Example email:

Sunny Smith has my permission to pick up a sick meal for me and charge it to my meal plan or student account. My A number is A000123456. This permission is valid for one week from today.

The meals will include items such as soup, crackers, beverages and other items that may be easier to eat when you aren’t feeling well.