Dariush Khaleghi


DK is passionate about leadership and developing leaders. He has over twenty years of leadership experience in private and public sectors. He held leadership roles at Intel Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company. DK also served as the Deputy and Interim Executive Director of the Washington State Human Rights Commission in addition to key executive roles with the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs and Economic Services Administration.(ESA) in DSHS. In 2007, DK was honored with the Washington State Governor’s Leadership for Management Award. DK serves his community as an educator, leadership development consultant, executive coach and speaker.

B.A., Business Administration, University of Washingtion, 1992; M.S., Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Portland State University, 1997; M.B.A., Pacific Lutheran University, 1998.

Expertise Leadership, Management, Organizational Psychology and Behavior, and Human Resources Management
Leadership, Organizational Psychology and Behavior, People Management, Executive Coaching


Sem II B-2125-B
Mailstop SE 2 B2124