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Dylan Fischer


Dylan Fischer is a regular faculty member in Forest Ecology. His research includes studies of temperate forest carbon cycling, plant genetic effects on ecosystems function, and community and ecosystem responses to disturbance. His recent work at Volcán Calbuco (Patagonia, Chile, South America) and at Mount St. Helens (Washington State, USA) has focused on ecosystem responses to eruptions. Other research continues to explore plant genetics effect plant-soil interactions,  tree water-use, and linkages between forest diversity and carbon cycling. More information on this faculty member can be found here:

B.S., Environmental Science, Oregon State University, 1998; M.S., Forest Science, Northern Arizona University, 2001; Ph.D., Forest Science, Northern Arizona University, 2005.

Expertise forest and plant ecology
Ecological Genetics, Community Ecology, Disturbance Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Forest Carbon, Tree Water-use


Sem II C-4108
Mailstop SE 2 A2117