Evening and Weekend Studies

Finish your bachelor’s degree. Get ahead at work. Take a prerequisite for grad school. Challenge yourself with new ideas and skills.

Get The Education That’s Right For You

You can go to school part-time or full-time, evenings or weekends, and still get a great Evergreen education.

“For years I’ve been saying, ‘I’ll go back to college and finish my degree someday.’ I think that this quarter showed me that I can
actually do this and I am finally going to finish my degree.”

Adrienn Verone, EWS Student

  • Finish your degree with innovative interdisciplinary programs, 8 to 12 credits per quarter. (Learn more about how programs work at Evergreen.)
  • Learn a specific subject like Spanish, statistics, or art. We offer a variety of four credit courses on focused topics.
  • Combine programs and courses. Mix day, evening, and weekend. Whatever works best for your life.

To attend full time and potentially qualify for financial aid, you'll take at least 12 credits in a program, courses, or both.

Find Support and Community

You won’t feel out of place in class at Evergreen. Our students aren’t just straight out of high school. You’ll be in class with working professionals, vets, parents, and other people with life experience. A typical student in an evening or weekend program is in their 30s, finishing a degree they started earlier.

  • You can get up to speed with a course for returning students, and get help all along the way. Learn more about transitioning back to school.
  • If you have work experience that’s equivalent to college learning, you may be able to get college credit. See how Prior Learning from Experience can work for you.

Students attend the 2017 Liberal Arts Forum, a yearly event for Evening and Weekend Studies students.