April 2009 Faculty Spotlight

Alan Parker

Alan Parker has received the Native Nations Distinguished Alumnus Award from his law school alma mater, UCLA. Alan was honored by UCLA at a special reception on April 2 at the Federal Bar Association Indian Law Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Artee Young

Artee Young was named a 2009 Champion of Catholic Education by the Fulcrum Foundation. The Fulcrum Foundation supports Catholic education in the Seattle Archdiocese by providing financial support to Roman Catholic schools and tuition assistance to students with financial need. One of only six recipients, Artee received the award at the foundation’s February Celebrations of Light event, where she delivered a speech to the 1,000 attendees about the value of her Catholic education.

Carrie Margolin

Carrie Margolin is the recipient of the Western Psychological Association’s 2009 Outstanding Service Award. The association will present the award to Carrie later this month at its annual convention in Portland, Oregon.

Carri LeRoy

Evergreen’s Photoland produced this audio slide show of Carri LeRoy and Environmental Analysis students conducting a field study of the interactions of salmon carcasses with decaying leaf litter in riparian ecosystems http://photo.evergreen.edu/portal/slideshows/Envanalysis/index.html. The yearlong, full-time Environmental Analysis program focuses on investigations in ecology supported with geology and analytical chemistry. Clyde Barlow and James Stroh also teach in the program.

Carri is co-author of several published or soon to be published papers, including:

Muehlbauer, J.D., C.J. LeRoy, J.M. Lovett, K.K. Flaccus, J.K. Vlieg, and J.C. Marks. 2009. Short-term responses of decomposers to flow restoration in Fossil Creek, Arizona, USA. Hydrobiologia 618:35-45.

Kominoski, J.S., T.J. Hoellein, C.J. LeRoy, C.M. Pringle, and C.M. Swan. Studies of stream organic matter processing advance the theoretical framework linking biodiversity and ecosystem function. River Research and Applications (in press).

Dylan Fischer joined Carri on the by-line of the following articles and a chapter in an upcoming book:

Schweitzer, J.A., M. D. Madritch, J. K. Bailey, C.J. LeRoy, D.G. Fischer, B.J. Rehill, R.L. Lindroth, T.G. Whitham. Review - Ecological impacts of foliar condensed tannins: a genes-to-ecosystem approach. Ecosystems (11: 1005–1020)

Schweitzer, J.A., J.K. Bailey, D.G. Fischer, C.J. LeRoy, T.G. Whitham and S.C. Hart. Broad-sense heritability of soil processes: A genetic basis for ecosystem extended phenotypes? Ecology (in press).

Bailey, J.K., J.A. Schweitzer, J. Koricheva, M.D. Madritch, C.J. LeRoy, B.J. Rehill, R.K. Bangert, D.G. Fischer, G. Allen, and Thomas G. Whitham.  From Genes to Ecosystems: Synthesizing the Effects of Plant Genetic Factors Across Systems. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (in press).

Whitham, T.G., C.A. Gehring, L.M. Evans, C.J. LeRoy, R.K. Bangert, J.A. Schweitzer, G.J. Allan, R.C. Barbour, D.G. Fischer, B.M. Potts  and J.K. Bailey. 2009.  A Community and Ecosystem Genetics Approach to Conservation Biology and Management. In Molecular Approaches in Natural Resource Conservation. Cambridge University Press (in press).

Dylan, meanwhile, also coauthored this book review with Evergreen student Alex Kazakova:

Fischer, D.G. and A. Kazakova. 2008. Book Review: Measuring Carbon Uptake in Forests and Farms. Environmental Practice. 10:80-81

Says Dylan:  “PDFs are available upon request!”

E.J. Zita

E.J. Zita is moving apace on her $187,732 three-year solar research grant from NSF. Zita reports she’s wrapping up work on solar dynamo theory with colleagues at the National Center for Atmospheric Research High Altitude Observatory in Boulder, Colorado. Next she’ll be observing and performing data analysis with partial funding from colleagues at Lockheed Martin Solar Astrophysics Lab.

The National Science Foundation last month published a report about Nalini Nadkarni’s Sound Science project, which took place several years ago as an effort to bring urban youth into closer contact with nature and field biology. The project brought together middle school students from Evergreen’s GEAR UP project with rap/hip hop artist C.A.U.T.I.O.N, a graduate of the Gateways program. C.A.U.T.I.O.N. worked with the students to compose and record their own music inspired by a week of field activities around Puget Sound. You can link to the report here: www.nsf.gov/discoveries/disc_summ.jsp?cntn_id=114311. The report debuted on the banner of the NSF’s home page (www.nsf.gov), a top-of-the-page slide show feature that highlights the agency’s top science stories.

Rob Knapp

The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) has awarded Rob Knapp an Abe Fellowship for his project, “Comparative Case Studies of Sustainable Commercial/Institutional Buildings.” To improve understanding by both policy-makers and practitioners of effective ways to pursue urban sustainability Rob and his collaborator, Professor Hiroto Takaguchi of Waseda University, will investigate exemplary “green buildings” in the commercial/institutional sectors in Japan and the United States. “Despite major obstacles in both Japan and the United States,” Rob writes in his proposal to SSRC, “certain buildings have achieved drastically reduced environmental impacts while maintaining mainstream functioning. How have they done it? The collaboration I propose…will develop detailed comparative information about these success stories through exploratory case studies. We will proceed in ways that are new to Japanese and U.S. analysis, by highlighting the inner workings of the design process and identifying the explicit and tacit lessons being absorbed by the design professions about the pursuit of sustainability.” To this, Rob adds by way of email (I assume with an electronic tongue in a cyberspace cheek): “This award does some validating of Evergreen's particular form of intellectual life, since that was really the only experience I had to put forward to back up my proposed work.” The project will keep Rob busy into 2011.

Sean Williams

Sean Williams presented a paper on masculinity in Irish song at the Society for Ethnomusicology annual meeting at Wesleyan University in October, where she was elected chair of the Special Interest Group on Irish Music; she kept her position as secretary of the Society for Asian Music and was newly elected as Councilmember of the Society for Ethnomusicology. Her current book, Focus: Irish Traditional Music (which she began as part of the "Write That Book!" faculty institute last summer) has just gone into production at Routledge Publishing and should be out by August. (She encourages her colleagues to take part in this fun summer institute. “Who knows what you could have published by this time next year?”)