Past Exhibitions 2006

Molly Quan, Untitled

Molly Quan, untitled, 2005, C-print,
22" x 22"

Photography at Evergreen – Celebrating 35 Years

Opening Reception and Panel discussion:  Friday, November 3
Exhibition dates:  November 6 - December 7, 2006

Since its beginning, Evergreen has nurtured creativity in photography, and the recently-opened Photography Center expands these opportunities. In recognition of the photographic art that has been and continues to be created here, Evergreen instructors Steve Davis and Hugh Lentz have curated an exhibition of photos by former Evergreen students for Gallery 4. An online gallery - - invites all alumni to participate.

Artists include: Daniel Barron, Bert Bergen, Dennis DeHart, Kerry Loewen, Reuben Lorch-Miller,  Mark Noble, Robin Paris, Molly Quan, Christopher Rauschenberg, Margaret Stratton, Thin Ice, Dan Weisser & Ciel Mahoney, Alice Wheeler.

Louise Williams

In the Pink, 2000, pastel. 9" x 11"

The Art of Louise Williams

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 29, 5-7 p.m
Exhibition continues through October 19, 2006

During three decades of intense art making, Louise Williams explored the expressionistic rendering of the human figure. Subject matter ranged from dark and macabre to endearing and sweet, from deploring crimes against humanity and oppression of women to celebrating family and the realm of fantasy. The original Collected Stories folding books created by Louise Williams and Tacoma artist Becky Frehse are also on display in the Library.

Eclectic - Art from the College Collection

Exhibition continues through August 29

The College's art collection has developed over the past 35 years, through purchase, donation, and loans from the Washington State Arts Commission's Art in Public Places Program.  This exhibition features paintings, prints, sculpture, and ceramics from the collection. Subject matter and style varies widely, ranging from pure abstraction to highly representational, and including expressionistic, funk, political, surrealist

Tina Wirihana, mixed media sculpture, detail

Tina Wirihana,
mixed media sculpture,

Tina Wirihana

Exhibition dates: June 26 - July 21, 2006

Tina Wirihana transforms traditional Maori weaving techniques and forms by using 21 st century materials and infusing them with her unique warmth and joyful love of life. The artist, who lives in Rotorua, Aotearoa/New Zealand, created these works during her Spring Quarter residency, which was sponsored by the Longhouse Educational and Cultural Center and Te Waka Toi Creative NZ.

The Imaged Word, and Other Works

Bryan Rainey, The Imaged Word, and Other

Bryan Rainey & Sara Spink

June 2 - 9 and 17, 2006

Bryan Rainey, The Imaged Word, and Other Works
Bryan interprets visual responses to language in his print series, The Imaged Word, exploring how words evoke emotions, memories, and images. He uses varying content, scale, and printmaking techniques (lithography, relief, intaglio, silk-screen) to express his reactions to the "word of the week."

One Dog Walking

Sara Spink, One Dog Walking

Sara Spink, One Dog Walking
For One Dog Walking, Sara Spink was inspired by research into Mexican art and culture.  The idea of dogs as guides, both in life and in the afterlife, is found in Mexican and other cultures the world over.  To explore her own journey through life, Sara created a skeleton dog character as mixed-media sculpture, which she then used in short, experimental animations, combining stop motion animation, time lapse photography, and pixilation.

Paul Sparks, Fish Head, 1986, graphite on wood, 60”x 60

Paul Sparks, Fish Head, 1986,
graphite on wood, 60"x 60"

Paul Sparks: Friends, Cronies, and Colleagues

Opening Reception: Friday, April 28, 6-9 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: April 28 - May 18, 2006

This exhibition honors Paul Sparks, an innovative artist and teacher who recently retired after 32 years of teaching at The Evergreen State College. To highlight his creative work as an artist and as a teacher, Sparks' artworks will be shown alongside works by long-time friends and colleagues and by some of his most recent students. Participating artists include: Caroline Anderson, Vann Cantin, Anthony Cotham, Shawn Ferris, Bob Haft, Claire Johnson, Michael Kohlmeier, Michael Leavitt, Christopher Nelson, Chauney Peck, Tim Roberts, Eve Shaw, Darin Shuler, Nathan Smith, Sarah Utter, Sharon Warden, Ed Wicklander.

Home to... Home? 2006 bronze, silver, paper

Home to... Home? 2006 bronze, silver,

Senior Thesis Exhibition:  Mellington Cartwright, Memoria Technica

April 6 - 21, 2006

In titling her exhibition Memoria Technica , the artist refers to devices that aid in preserving memory.  Working primarily in bronze and sterling, Mellington creates sculptures that explore the sentimentality that lies within our memories.  Her art draws the focus away from the psychological and scientific properties of a memory, towards a magical sense of nostalgia.

El Legado / Legacy, installation detail, relief print on cast cotton fiber

El Legado / Legacy, installation
detail,relief print on cast cotton

Imna Arroyo - Ancestors of the Passage

Exhibition Dates: February 21 - March 17, 2006
Artist Talk: Wednesday, March 1, 6:30 pm
Recital Hall in the Communications Building.

Imna Arroyo draws on her African, Hispanic, and Taino descent in creating this mixed-media installation. Filling the gallery with prints on a myriad of surfaces, both 2-D and 3-D, Arroyo explores the Middle Passage and the spirit of her ancestors

Richard Scholtz - Changing Spaces

Richard Scholtz - Changing Spaces

Opening: Thursday January 19, 5-7 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: January 20 - February 10, 2006

In his installation, Changing Spaces,  Richard Scholtz explores how sound creates a sense of place and space.  He states, "You see what is in front of your eyes but you hear what is all around you."  In the installation, real-time recordings create the musical frame of beginning and end.  Ordinary sounds take on a different meaning; a succession of sounds gives rise to harmony and rhythm and emotion.