Past Exhibitions 2007

kate clyde

Kate Clyde, Bait and Switch

Senior Thesis Exhibition: Kate Clyde, Bait and Switch

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 31, 5-7pm
Exhibition dates: June 1-8, and Super Saturday June 16, 2007

Kate Clyde's mixed media sculpture and installation transform the gallery space

three birds

Miranda Currie, If you Indeed Possessed This
Bird, You could Consider Yourself Lucky(detail),
2007, multiple plate eetching, 14" x 14"

Miranda Currie: The Three Little Birds Who Became Wealthy Wandering the World

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 10, 5-7pm
Exhibition dates: May 11-24, 2007

Miranda Currie imbues her series, The Three Little Birds Who Wandered the World and Became Wealthy, with a timeless feel, achieving this through content and technique. Inspired by her readings of 16th to 19th century European fairy tales and reminiscent of book illustrations, Miranda's dreamlike prints combine fairy tale imagery with scenes from her everyday world. The artist creates the images using the time-consuming, centuries-old traditional process of etching images into multiple copper plates and then printing with multiple colors.

katy ellis obrien

Katy Ellis O'Brien, untitled acrylic painting on
wood, 2007

Katy Ellis O'Brien: Letters from Underwood

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 10, 5-7pm
Exhibition dates: May 11-24, 2007

Assuming the role of both painter and storyteller, Katy Ellis O'Brien has created a series of acrylic-on-panel renditions of the emotional journey of three animal characters who discover a pair of human foundlings. In her colorful cartoon style, the artist shows her characters reaching heights of trauma and ecstasy against the idyllic backdrop of a rural village. The result is a mix of peculiarity and pathos, as with each image the viewer learns more about the characters and their situation.


Concrete "sarcophagus" surrounding the ruined nuclea
reactor at Chernobyl

Chernobyl: Twenty Years - Twenty Lives

Exhibition continues through Wednesday, May 2

On 26 April 1986, reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the former USSR had a catastrophic accident.  A test of its emergency shut-down devices led to an explosion that destroyed the reactor and blew its radioactive contents over large areas of what are now the independent countries of Ukraine , Belarus , and Russia . Additional areas in Western Europe were also badly contaminated.  Mads Eskesen, a Danish journalist, has developed an emotionally gripping remembrance of these terrible events.  Photographs and texts explore the meaning of the Chernobyl accident to individuals involved directly and indirectly.  This exhibit is a powerful reminder that technology can have unfortunate and long-lasting consequences.


Chasing Rabbits, 2007, collage on wood,
18" x 24"

Robin Meacham-Harlow, Go Ask Alice

Opening Reception: Friday, April 6, 5-7pm
Exhibition Dates: April 9-18, 2007

For her senior thesis exhibition, Robin explores themes related to her emotionally-charged childhood. By juxtaposing disparate elements - "the more awkward and implausible the better" - she creates contradictory wholes to express the emotions, fears, and ambiguities.

Mike Moran Stretched Horse

Stretched Horse, 2004, concrete and steel,
48"" x 50" x 7"

Mike Moran: Survey, 1982-2007

Opening Reception: Friday, February 23, 5-7pm
Exhibition dates: February 23 - March 16th, 2007

This exhibition surveys the artwork of Mike Moran, created during the time that he has been managing the ceramics studio and teaching art at The Evergreen State College. His influence on students over the decades has been profound, and his own non-stop art-making has flourished. He paints, sculpts, draws, and prints with free-flowing, instinctive color, line, marks, and shapes. His images and sculptures of female figures, horses, birds, and landscape elements dance lyrically, stride forcefully, give form to myriad expressive states: joyfulness, pensiveness, contemplation, anguish, rest, and more.


Isaac Powell, Growthplate, 2005, acrylic,
graphite, and ink on panel, 60" x 60"

Shifting Gears

Exhibition dates:  January 18 - February 16, 2007

This nationally-touring exhibition showcases the art of 15 young artists with disabilities. In their artworks they explore a pivotal moment – when life turned a corner, when reflection resulted in a new path to creative expression.

Exhibition organized by VSAarts with sponsorship from Volkswagen of America, Inc.