Past Exhibitions 2013

Palace Yurt Deconstructed Postcard Image

Palace Yurt: Deconstructed

Opening reception: Thursday October 10, 2013, 5-7 pm
Exhibition continues through December 11, 2013

Artist lecture Wednesday November 20, 11:30 am, Lecture Hall 1

Evergreen alumna Janice Arnold’s art and installation work has been redefining the boundaries of handmade FELT for more than 10 years. Her massive installation, Palace Yurt, a contemporary translation of traditional Mongolian structures, was the centerpiece of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s 2009 Fashioning Felt exhibition in New York.

Palace Yurt: Deconstructed gives visitors a rare look behind the scenes of this groundbreaking work of textile art, including many pieces from the original installation. See how it all came together, from inspiration to logistics and technical drawings, the raw materials to the full artistic vision.


On, With and Against

Opening reception: Friday May 24, 6-8 PM
Exhibition continues through June 14, 2013

Students from the program "Video in/and Performance Art" will be presenting the culmination of their work this year as an art exhibition and lecture series called On, With and Against. The exhibition in Evergreen Gallery includes video, multi-media and performance works.

Faculty member Naima Lowe and the students state: “The title, On, With and Against, is borrowed from a book called Disidentifications by Jose Esteban Munoz. This text explores the ways that artists confront racial, cultural and gendered difference in the United States. It provided a potent shared vocabulary for how we can work to unhinge ourselves from oppressive power dynamics such as racism, sexism and cultural appropriation while acknowledging our complex relationships to those systems. As artists, students, collaborators, performers, philosophers, and people we're called to work On, With and Against the imposed stereotypes, distorted imagery and oppressive histories that shape so many aspects of our identities.”

The show includes work by:

  • Grace Ellis
  • Nina Fortier
  • Andrea Goodman
  • Johanna Gilje
  • Maggie Harbaugh
  • Chelsea Harris
  • Cheyenne Hendrickson
  • Hannah Morgan
  • Katy O’Neil
  • Asheem Rai
  • Christopher Salveter
  • Celi Tamayo-Lee
  • Alice Wynne

“Finish” in the Creative Act

April 8 - May 8, 2013
Reception for the Artists, Thursday April 11, 5-7 pm

Finish in the Creative Act Image 1

Finish in the Creative Act Image 2

Finish in the Creative Act Image 3

The Evergreen State College’s Visual Arts faculty and staff are creating art in their own studios while being intensely involved with students’ creative processes in the College’s studios.

For this exhibition, Visual Arts faculty and staff were invited to express some of their ideas about “finish” – both through their art and through their written statements.

The creative process for all artists includes decisions about working to a point of finished or unfinished, about finishing touches or the degree of finish. Artists come to these decisions in innumerable, personal ways, among them: intuitively - being responsive to process - following through to the end of an initial idea or plan - and - or …

Artists include:

Susan Aurand, Judith Baumann, Evan Blackwell, Steve Davis, Aisha Harrison, Lucia Harrison, Don Jensen, Bob Leverich, Jean Mandeberg, Shaw Osha, Michelle Pope, Lisa Sweet, Bruce Thompson, Joe Tougas, Gail Tremblay, Bob Woods.

Vandalism series by John Divola

John Divola, Untitled, from the Vandalism series, 1974,
gelatin silver print, 7” x 7”

An Abstract — Representational Continuum: Selections from The Evergreen State College Art Collection

January 16 - March 6, 2013

The Evergreen State College started to develop an art collection in the 1970’s. In addition to works by West Coast artists, the College collected photographs by nationally-recognized artists, many of whom are now household names. This exhibition displays these works side-by-side, suggesting areas of relationship and of difference. In doing so, ideas about representation and abstraction come to the fore. Many Northwest artists during the 1970s were exploring the expressiveness of abstraction. And while photography can be a medium for extremely accurate representation, artists also use it to question “reality” or to represent the realm of the imaginary and spiritual.

Artists include: Guy Anderson, Diane Arbus, Ed Blackburn, Paul Caponigro, Judy Dater, Ralph Gibson, Ford Gilbreath, Joseph Goldberg, Stephen Hazel, Allan Houser, Thomas Johnston, Helmi Juvonen, Norman Lundin, Alden Mason, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Richard Misrach, Royal Nebeker, Neil Parsons, D.G. Smith, Jay Steensma, Charles Stokes, Barbara Earl Thomas, Jerry Uelsmann, Wesley Wehr, Brett Weston, Edward Weston, William Wiley, and others.