Past Exhibitions 2014

Sacred Trees of India: Photographs by Deidi von Schaewen

Artist lecture: Wednesday October 8, 11:30am - 1pm, Lecture Hall 1
Opening Reception: Wednesday October 8, 5 - 7pm

Exhibition continues through December 3, 2014

Closed during College holidays: Tue Nov 11 & Mon-Thu Nov 24-27

von Schaewen - Sacred Tree of Idia

Evergreen Gallery is extremely pleased to announce the fall exhibition, Sacred Trees of India: Photographs by Deidi von Schaewen. For the past 28 years, von Schaewen has traveled in India, immersing herself in its people and culture, and exploring themes through her photography and video. For her series on the Sacred Trees, she traveled the length and breadth of India. The exhibition in Evergreen Gallery is an opportunity to view these lush, complex images in large-scale, to be surrounded by their energy and power.

Born in Berlin, von Schaewen studied painting at the Berlin Academy of Arts before deciding to concentrate on photography and film. Currently she is based in Paris. She has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, India, North Africa, and the US. Twenty books of her photographs have been published, with one about Sacred Trees of India due out next year. A continuing obsession of hers is to capture on film the ephemeral, aspects of our urban and rural civilizations that are temporary, fleeting, or vanishing with time. For the Sacred Trees of India, it is more a revelation of devotion and accumulation over time, the ability of trees to survive, rejuvenate, transform – in India, trees are not only sacred to the gods, they can actually BE gods.

Von Schaewen was director of photography for a feature film by Robert Cordier in 1972 – a time when it was unusual for a woman to be in that position. She continued as director of photography on other films, and in 1978 she began writing and directing her own films. One of her films, Sravanabelgola, will be showing in Evergreen Gallery as part of the exhibition.

More of Deidi's work can be seen on her personal website.

Claire Magula, Out of My Hands

Claire Magula Couch Image

Untitled, 2013, gelatin silver print, 10.5x10.5 inches

Opening reception Thursday, May 15, 5-7pm
Exhibition continues May 19 - June 5, 2014

(also open morning of Graduation Day, June 13)

Artist Claire Magula was selected from among a strong group of applicants to present her Senior Thesis project in Evergreen Gallery. Claire works with black and white photography to document her responses to the vicissitudes of life and relationship with the past.

Ron Carraher, Colville Confederated Tribes, “” Image

Ron Carraher, Colville Confederated Tribes, “”

Corwin Clairmont, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, “Tarsand Trout” Image

Corwin Clairmont, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, “Tarsand Trout”

Carly Feddersen, Colville Confederated Tribes (Okanagan/Arrow Lakes), “Sit” Image

Carly Feddersen, Colville Confederated Tribes
(Okanagan/Arrow Lakes), “Sit”

Terrain: Plateau Native Art & Poetry

March 10-19 and April 7 - May 7, 2014
Reception with Artists attending on Saturday April 26, 2-4pm

Terrain: Plateau Native Art & Poetry is a print portfolio and exhibition that was organized by Joe Feddersen, artist and Evergreen Faculty Emeritus. Bringing together relief prints and poetry created by 34 Plateau artists and writers, it presents a visual and verbal journey through physical, emotional, and visionary landscapes. Feddersen writes: “Defined by the crest of the Cascades to the Continental Divide, touching northern California extending far north into British Columbia, Terrain speaks of the textures of the earth – the homeland of the Plateau people. This compilation of expressions, relief prints and poems, breathes the life of ongoing cultures inherent to place.”

For its showing in Evergreen Gallery, Terrain is accompanied by Extended Terrain: Contemporary American Indian Prints.

Ric Gendron, Colville/Umatilla, “Self Portrait” Image

Ric Gendron, Colville/Umatilla, “Self Portrait”

Terrain artists and poets: Leo Adams, Sherman Alexie, Neal Ambrose, Gloria Bird, Ron Carraher, Vic Charlo, Corwin Clairmont, Cameron Decker, Alyne Watlamet DeCoteau, Debra Earling, Vanessa Enos, Carly Feddersen, Joe Feddersen, Ryan Feddersen, Jennifer Ferguson, Frank Finley, Ric Gendron, Cheryl Grunlose, Michael Holloman, Van Holloman, James Lavadour, Miles Miller, Ramon Murillo, Rochelle Kulei, Ed Archie NoiseCat, William Passmore, Lillian Pitt, Lawney Reyes, Susan Sheoships, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Kirby Stanton, Toma Villa, Ramona Wilson, Elizabeth Woody (Relief print images are 5" x 7")

Extended Terrain artists: Rick Bartow, Marwin Begay, Corwin Clairmont, Herman Pi’ikea Clark, Joe David, Joe Feddersen, Harry Fonseca, Edgar Heap-of-Birds, John Hitchcock, Peter Jemison, Jean LaMarr, Alex McCarty, George Morrison, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Duane Slick, Gail Tremblay, Kay Walkingstick, Emmi, Whitehorse, Elizabeth Woody, Melanie Yazzie

This project was made possible through support from the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center.

Images from Combo Meals, 2008

images from Combo Meals, 2008

Cover of Damaged Spring, 2003

cover of Damaged Spring, 2003

Selected Druckworks: Books and Projects by Johanna Drucker

January 13 - February 28 2014
Artist lecture Wednesday December 11, 11:30am - 1pm, Lecture Hall 1

Page from Stochastic Poetics, 2012

page from Stochastic Poetics, 2012

Artist, writer, typographic poet and scholar-critic Johanna Drucker is widely known for her contributions to contemporary art theory and history, as well as her prolific output as a creative artist. Throughout her career she has helped shape the field of artists’ books, visual poetics, and digital aesthetics in dialogue with the arts and critical issues. Her scholarly writing documents and critiques visual language: letterforms, typography, visual poetry, art and, lately, digital aesthetics. Drucker is internationally renowned for her book art, which touches on a variety of themes, especially “the exploration of the conventions of narrative prose and the devices by which it orders, sequences, and manipulates events according to its own logic” as well as “the use of experimental typography to expand the possibilities of prose beyond the linear format of traditional presentation.”

Selected Druckworks, at Evergreen Gallery, surveys Drucker’s books, graphic art and visual projects, revealing key insights into the artist’s development over the course of four decades. It is a smaller version of Drucker’s 40-year retrospective exhibition, Druckworks, which is currently touring the country.

Drucker’s work has been exhibited at universities, libraries, galleries, and museums throughout the world, including Museum of Arts and Design, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, New York Public Library, Yale University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Art Institute of Chicago, University of the Arts (Philadelphia), and Parsons School of Design.

Drucker is currently the Martin and Bernard Breslauer Professor in the Department of Information Studies at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA.

Artist’s web site: