Reserve Your Room

Reserve your room using the online campus housing system.

To start the process, you may log in and fill out the housing application. Begin by selecting your term and confirming or adding to your information. You can also request ADA accommodations if necessary.

When to reserve your room

Fall quarter

  • Returning residents: Fall 2020 priority housing applications open on March 2, 2020.  
  • New students: Fall 2020 applications open on March 16, 2020.  
  • The freshman fall housing priority deadline is May 1, 2020. After May 1, rooms are available on a first come first served basis until we are full.
  • The ADA fall housing priority deadline is May 1, 2020.  After May 1, we will continue to accept requests for ADA housing, however we may not be able to meet all requests by fall quarter.

Other quarters

Winter and Spring: applications open at 5 pm on the Friday of the previous quarter's evaluation week and end at noon on the Wednesday before the quarter starts. See the Academic Calendar at a glance for specific dates.

Summer housing is handled through a special process. See the Summer Housing page for more info.

Get started

To use the online campus housing system, you must be admitted to Evergreen and have an email address.

How to reserve a room

  • Log in to the campus housing application.

  • Fill out our form providing basic information about yourself, and select your meal plan for the year.

    • Meal plan requirements vary, based upon where you live.  Students living in the residence halls without kitchens must select a large plan that at least covers most of their meals.  Students living in the Apartments without kitchens may also select smaller meal plans as low as $250/quarter in declining balance.

  •  Select your own space in the apartments from a map, or tell us your preferences and join the list to be assigned a space in the residence halls.

  • Follow the instructions to make the required payment within 48 hours and lock in your room.

    • A non-refundable booking fee and non-refundable rent down payment will be assessed to your student account.

      • $250 rent down payment is applied to your first term's rent

      • $50 booking fee pays for system processing.

    • If you do not pay the non-refundable booking fee and non-refundable rent down payment in full, these charges will be backed out of your student account and you will not have a room.

    • You may fill out a Deferred Payment Agreement (PDF) to defer the rent down payment and booking fee until September.  See more information about this form at the bottom of this page, or contact us for more information about the deferred payment agreement. 

Check your Evergreen email

After you apply for housing, we’ll send important messages to your email address.

You can forward your email to another address.

Offices across the college send information to your address that is essential to your success at Evergreen. Housing information sent via email includes:

  • Housing application confirmation.
  • Information about rent and meal plan billing.
  • Roommate contact information available in early September.
  • How to check-in.
  • Other information about living on campus.

Canceling your application

If you’ve already booked a room but change your mind and are not planning on living with us, cancel your application and avoid being billed for rent.

What if I can’t pay the booking fee and rent down payment within 48 hours?

Download the Deferred Payment Agreement (PDF)fill it out, and bring a signed copy (or email a photo of a signed copy) to the housing office. The non-refundable booking fee and non-refundable rent down payment will still be assessed to your student account, but they won’t be due until you receive your financial aid and rent is due. As we are holding a room for you that we are not able to offer to other students, the charges are non-refundable even if you decide to cancel your room.