COVID-19 FAQ for Housing

Evergreen is committed to providing a safe living environment so that all students can focus on their studies.

What happens if someone is ill

If a student is feeling ill, they should log on to and submit the Health Verification Form noting their symptoms.

Students who mark “yes” to any question on the Health Verification Form will be contacted by staff members on the Health Assessment Team. Learn more about the Health Verification Form process at 

Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be contacted by the Thurston County Health Department for contact tracing and will be moved to an isolation apartment. They will receive guidance based on the particulars of their situation.  

The college’s Health Assessment Team and Thurston County Public Health Department will provide guidance on when and how to follow isolation protocols, and how to clean and disinfect shared spaces.   

Roommates and close contacts needing to quarantine will be able to remain in their current apartment and all members may have to isolate if there is a positive case.  Students in quarantine and isolation will not be allowed to leave their apartment for two weeks. 

Student who are in quarantine with self-isolation and in isolation will be able to get food delivered to them and will have a member of the Health Assessment Team to support them.  

Who can you reach out to if you have questions

If you’re concerned about your own health or the health of your roommate/or friend and need an immediate response, call police services at 360-867-6832 to be connected to a Resident Director (RD). If you don’t need an immediate response email questions to and someone from the Health Assessment team or Student Wellness Services will reach out to you.

Moving onto campus

You are not required to get tested before you move in.  

All new residents will be required to  self- quarantine in their apartments for two weeks. The purpose of this quarantine is to limit exposure to others so students will be asked to limit times when they leave their space.  Students will be able to leave their apartments to get mail, to get food in the dining hall, and to take walks outside.   Students will move into a temporary apartment for two weeks and then will be moved to their permanent apartment on campus. Masks are required on campus and will be provided to students and guests if they do not have masks when they arrive. 

Fill out a Health Verification Form on move-in day, and any day that you leave your housing while living on campus. 

Read and understand the housing COVID-19 addendum. The college housing agreement has been affected by the pandemic, and future scenarios may require additional changes to normal procedures. 

Living on campus

On October 20, 2020 the Governor issued a new Proclamation for Higher Education. The complete document can be found at  

Highlights from the proclamation include:

  • A gathering in a bedroom must be limited to the resident in the room and one visitor at a time;  
  • A gathering in a residential unit, outside of a bedroom, must be limited to five people at a time, and only one such gathering may occur in a residential unit at a time; 
  • All people gathered must wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing of at least six feet. 

The more closely you interact with others and the longer that interaction, the higher the risk of COVID-19 spread, so wearing a mask, at all times outside of your bedroom, remains the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself and others.   

Go to to complete a Health Verification Form (HVF) once each day that you leave your apartment for anything other than an outdoor walk, or if you have symptoms or a change in health status.

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. 

Don’t congregate in groups, and always maintain 6 feet of distance from others. 

Keep your apartment clean. RAD will be providing a sanitizing  kit with instructions in each. Talk with your roommates about the cleaning schedule and the expectations of each member to keep the apartment clean.


As part of the apartment agreements, students will discuss with their roommates the expectations around guests and visitors in their individual apartments after the self-quarantine period. If students agree upon guests during the pandemic in their apartment, the housing guest policy for overnight guests needs to be followed. 

As of October 2020, the Governor's Proclamation for Higher Education limits all gatherings to five people total per room including residents and guests.

Travel outside of Washington

Students that travel outside of Washington will need to fill out their HVF and will then need to self-quarantine in their apartments for two weeks after their return to campus. This will need to be done every time you leave the state throughout the year. 

Residential and Dining (RAD) Services

RAs and RDs are living on campus and will be assisting students. Much of this outreach will be done remotely. 

RAD staff are all being provided safety training and PPE (personal protective equipment) for their work.  

RAD staff will be cleaning and maintaining common areas like the Housing Community Center (mailroom and laundry). Cleaning protocols have been adjusted to CDC guidelines. 


We are committed to keeping campus housing open for those students who do not have other living options, even if there is no in-person instruction.

In order to maintain housing for students through the 2020-21 school year, the housing addendum signed by all residents states that refunds will not be given if the campus changes to all-online instruction. 

Refunds will be provided if the college closes and all apartments must be closed and vacated.