Human Subjects Research Not Supported by Evergreen's IRB

Evergreen cannot adequately review and approve some kinds of research

As a small institution devoted to undergraduate teaching, the college does not have the expertise and capacity to provide adequate review and oversight of some classes of human subjects research. Because of this, the college is unable to permit certain kinds of research. It may be possible for researchers to engage in some projects of this nature if the studies are approved and overseen by an external IRB. Use of an external IRB for research taking place under the auspices of the college must be approved by the IRB administrator and the vice president in the college division where the research will be conducted. The college in most instances will not cover costs for external IRB review and oversight. Research not supported by Evergreen's IRB includes but may not be limited to:

  • Research led by students (graduate or undergraduate) that presents more than minimal risk of harm.
  • Research involving individual, identifiable genetic information.
  • Research involving human abortuses or fetuses.
  • Medical trials.
  • Research that exposes pregnant women to more than minimal risk or invasive physical procedures.
  • Research involving prisoners.
  • Federally-sponsored research. (At this time Evergreen's IRB does not have federal wide assurance and is not registered with the federal government.  Federally-sponsored human subjects research may only be conducted at the college if another registered, federal-wide assured IRB agrees to extend its IRB coverage to the project.)

Investigators must have adequate training and experience

Evergreen will not support human subjects research unless the researcher has the demonstrated experience and training to mitigate foreseeable risks.  Students in particular may not engage in projects that present more than minimal risks to subjects unless the project is led by a faculty or staff member with primary responsibility for the design, conduct, and reporting of the research.