Institutional Review Board Information


Mr. Amadou Ba, Research Associate, The Evergreen State College

Ms. Laura Coghlan, Director of Institutional Research, The Evergreen State College

Mr. John McLain, Chair, IRB Administrator, Academic Grants and Sponsored Programs Manager, The Evergreen State College

Community Representative (Vacant)

Faculty Representative (Vacant)


Applications that qualify for exempt or expedited review according to federal rules and college policy are reviewed by the IRB chair or another experienced board member.

The IRB meets ad hoc to review applications that require full board review.  Projects that require full board review may take six weeks or more for the completion of an initial review; if modifications are required, it will take longer to make a final determination.

Federal wide assurance and registration

The Evergreen Institutional Review Board is not currently registered with the federal government and has not received federal wide assurance. The college's IRB cannot provide review and oversight of federally-sponsored research.