Accreditation Key Sources of Data

Key sources of data used to measure the accreditation indicators include the following:

End-of-Program Review

An annual survey to inventory divisional content and other learning areas included in undergraduate coordinated study programs. An alternate version also collects information about the presence of a few key mission-related areas in the graduate curriculum.

Transcript Review

Evergreen’s primary undergraduate learning assessment at the institutional level, the Transcript assessment uses a standardized coding key developed by faculty which enables narrative transcripts to be coded in terms of evidence that the Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate are met.

Alumni Survey

Undergraduate alumni surveys are administered biennially to gather information from baccalaureate degree earners who reflect on their Evergreen experiences and educational preparation once they have moved beyond Evergreen.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

This national survey provides feedback on the pedagogies of engagement, higher-order thinking, and high-impact practices that students experience, and it provides the opportunity to contextualize performance in terms of various peer institutions.

Administrative data

Data from administrative data systems are used in several indicators, especially in terms of composition of the campus community, financial aid, expenditures, and various facilities metrics.

Student Activity data

New processes and tracking methods have been established to collect participation of students in community service and sustainability and social justice activities to make assessment more consistent and meaningful.