Core Theme 1: Integrated Interdisciplinary Learning

The Evergreen State College aspires to ensure that its graduates are able to fully and meaningfully integrate knowledge. Thus an Evergreen education emphasizes complex, thematic, open inquiries across all academic fields at the graduate as well as undergraduate levels. These inquiries require interdisciplinary approaches, multiple modes of thinking and the synthesis of learning. Curricular practices that support integrated, interdisciplinary learning include thematic studies; project-based learning; full- and half-time coordinated study programs; multi-quarter programs emphasizing cumulative, integrative work; interdisciplinary teaching teams; studio, lab and field studies; and seminars. Academic structures and the institutional culture support a curriculum that develops content knowledge, addresses emergent questions and encourages pedagogical experimentation. Organizational structures, procedures and policies for curriculum development, class scheduling, facilities planning, college governance, hiring and support services are designed to facilitate interdisciplinary and holistic teaching and learning.