Campus Information

Building Abbreviations

Annex: Arts Annex Building
CAB: Community Activities Building
COM: Communications Building
CRC: College Recreation Center
HCC: Housing Community Center
Lab I: Laboratory 1 Building
Lab II: Laboratory 2 Building
LC: Longhouse Center
LH: Lecture Halls
Lib: Library Building
Sem I: Seminar 1 Building
Sem II: Seminar 2 Building with A-B-C-D-E


Academic Advising: Library 2153, 2nd floor
ATM’s: CAB, 1st floor and 2nd floor
Bus Information:  Buses #41 and #48 go downtown
Cafeteria: The Greenery, in the CAB, or other food options
Campus Jobs: Student Employment, Lib 1102
Computers: Computer Center, Lib 2606
Counseling: Counseling Center, Sem I, 4130
Culture Shock: International Programs, Lib 2153
Disability: Access Services, L-2153
Discrimination: First Peoples Advising, Lib 2153
E-mail:  Webmail
Emergencies Call 6140 or 9-911 from campus
Health Care: Health Center, Sem I, 2110
Housing: RAD, “A” Dorm, 3rd Floor
ID card: Registration, Lib 1101
Laundry: “A” Dorm or the HCC
Math Help: QUASAR Center, Lib 2304
Meal Plan
Parking Cars: Parking Services, Sem I, Room 2150
Police: Sem I, Room 2150
Recreation and Sports: CRC
Student Activities:  CAB, 3rd floor
Writing Help: The Writing Center, Lib 2304


Asian Market: #48 bus, near Capital Mall
Capital Mall: Take the #48 bus
Cell Phones: Capital Mall vendors, Target
Department Stores: Target, Penneys, Macy’s at Mall
Downtown: #41 or #48 bus
DVD rentals: Safeway, #48 bus
Groceries: Safeway, #48 bus
Groceries: Bayview Thriftway, #41 or 48 bus
Groceries: Food Co-op, #45 bus from station
Groceries: Grocery Outlet, #41 bus
Movie Theater: Capital Mall, Downtown, Lacey
Taxis: City Cab: 360-705-8294
Taxis: DC Cab: 360-786-5226